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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)



Chapter FAQ


Question: Are there logos or promotional materials available for our chapter to use? 

Answer:   AITP Logos for the Professional and Student chapters are located on a member only page within the AITP web portal. First login and then go to the Chapter Resources page. 


Question: How can I get our chapter officers updated? 

Answer: It is strongly recommended that all chapters provide their officer list for posting to the AITP website and that this officer listing is updated as necessary. All chapter officer information is available at Chapter Information. If your list needs to be updated you can do this under Group HomePage Layout.  Just select the Group Reps box.  A tutorial for using the Group Administrator functions is available for download within Chapter Resources after you login.


Question: I'm a chapter leader. Will I be notified when new members join my chapter? 

Answer:  Chapter Leaders have the opportunity to request the system to let them know when new members join their chapter.  Log into the AITP web portal.  Click on Manage Profile in the right rail, and then Preferences in the center section.  Then check the box for Email me when someone joins a group of which I am a member.  We encourage chapter leaders to personally contact their new members in order to welcome them into the organization and provide information on upcoming chapter events or activities. 


Chapter Question: The chapter in my area doesn't seem to be very active or have an active website. What should I do? 
Answer: In this case, it may be a wise decision to consider transferring to a more active chapter (see transfer FAQ instructions above). However, if you would like to try to bring new life to your chapter, it would be a good idea to contact your Region President for help. A list of the regions can be found by clicking on the Chapters link in the left navigation rail, and then selecting Find a Region. Together with your Region President, you may be able to come up with some creative ideas to make your chapter more active.


Chapter Question: I'm interested in starting a chapter of AITP. Where can I find more information? 
Answer: There are two types of AITP chapters: student and professional. Student chapters are affiliated with 2 or 4-year colleges or universities and the members consist of students at that particular institution who are interested in the IT field. To learn more about the requirements in terms of chapter start-up and maintenance, please see Charter A Chapter, which can be found by clicking on Chapters in the left navigation rail, and then How to Start a Chapter.   


Chapter Question: Why is my school not listed on the Find a Student Chapter page?
Answer: Only currently active student chapters with at least 5 members are listed on the Find A Student Chapter page.  If you believe that your student chapter should be listed, send an email to


Chapter Question: May Student Chapters assess dues?
Answer:  The student chapter Board of Directors may levy additional dues in whole dollar amounts upon student chapter members for the sole benefit of the student chapter, provided such benefits are for purposes consistent with the general aims and purposes of the student chapter.  Student Chapter leaders should also ensure that the dues and activities of student chapters are sanctioned by their university.


Event FAQ


Events Question: There are many AITP events taking place throughout the country. Where can I find out more about them? 

Answer: National and Regional AITP events are listed in the Upcoming Events box in the right rail.  Click on the More button in that box to go forward or backward through the list.  Many AITP chapters post their upcoming events on their chapter landing page or individual website.  Click on the Chapters link in the left navigation rail for lists of, and links to, our Professional Chapters, Student Chapters, and Regions. 



Membership FAQ


Membership Question: Can I become an AITP member without joining a local chapter? 
Answer: Yes. If there is not a local chapter in your area, you have the option of joining AITP as an individual member. You will still receive all benefits as an AITP member, but you will not be affiliated with a specific chapter. If a chapter becomes available in your area in the future, you can transfer into that chapter at any time (see membership transfer FAQ for further details). 


Membership Question: How can I find dues pricing for the chapter I would like to join? 
Answer: The Professional Chapter Dues Guide, , can be found by clicking on Why Join AITP in the left navigation rail and then Chapters Dues Guide. This page quotes the dues for one year memberships.  Multi-year memberships are also available that provide a discount for the national portion of AITP dues.  Student dues are $30 per year.   Many other discounts are also available.  See the How much are Annual Dues FAQ below 


Membership Question: How can I renew my membership to AITP? 
Answer: Members can renew their membership online by logging into the AITP web portal and then selecting Renew Membership in the right rail.   If your membership has expired and can no longer log into the AITP web portal, you can call AITP Headquarters at 800-224-9371 (see  Contact HQ) and we can take your renewal right over the phone!


Membership Question: How do I transfer my membership to another chapter? 
Answer: If you would like to change your chapter assignment for any reason, please send an email to Include your name, current chapter and chapter to which you would like to transfer, as well as the reason for your decision. AITP Headquarters will take care of the transfer process and will notify you when it has been completed. 


Membership Question: How much are AITP annual dues? 
Answer: Professional dues, which are paid on an annual basis, are $105.00. If the member decides to join a local chapter, an additional fee may be charged for local dues. For full pricing information, please view the Professional Chapter Dues Guide at: Chapter Dues Guide. Student dues are also paid on an annual basis, at a cost of $30.00 per year.  Applications for all membership categories can be found at Member Categories and can be submitted to AITP Headquarters electronically. 


Membership Question: I am currently a student member of AITP, but I have graduated recently. What should I do in order to become involved with a local professional chapter? 
Answer: A Student to Professional Member Dues Discount is available to former AITP Student Members. Under this discount, Association dues which are normally $105 per year are reduced by $50 (to $55) for the first year of professional membership. This discount can be used anytime during the first three years following graduation or the expiration of student membership – whichever is later.  Chapter and Region dues must also be paid and are not discounted.  

To apply for the discount, fill out the form at: Student to Professional Discount.  This form can be found by clicking on Contact AITP or Why Join AITP in the left navigation rail and then clicking on Membership Discounts.  Existing members can also find the form by logging in, clicking on Members Only in the left navigation rail, and then clicking on Membership Discounts. Once approved, the applicant will be given a discount code to be used when the applicant joins on- or when existing members renew on-line.


Membership Question: I don't have a record of receiving my membership card or certificate. How can I get a replacement? 
Answer: Please send an email to in order to request a replacement. Please give your name, your chapter and your current mailing address. 


Membership Question: I submitted an application for membership. When will I receive my login information for the website? 
Answer: Please expect that you will be notified of your login and other general welcome information approximately 2 to 3 business weeks from date of application. Your notification will come via email to the address that you provided on your application form. Please ensure that you include a current email address so that you will receive this, as well as other important member mailings. 


Membership Question: I want to join a local chapter. Where can I find a list of all active chapters? 
Answer: For a complete listing of all AITP-affiliated chapters, please go to: Chapters in order to locate the chapter that will be most convenient for you to join, you can search by city, state or chapter name. 

Membership Question: My personal information has changed (mailing address, email address, phone number, etc.). How can I update my record online? 
Answer: Current members can update their information easily by logging in to AITP web portal and clicking Manage Profile in the right rail.  Follow the links to edit biographical and contact information, set preferences and more.

Membership Question: Should I expect to receive documentation of my AITP membership? 
Answer: A membership package for new members will be sent to your mailing address within 3 to 5 business weeks of application. This package will include an official AITP membership certificate and a wallet-sized membership card. Membership cards are not sent to student members or renewing professional members.



Newsletter FAQ


Newsletter Question: Where can I find past issues of Information Executive. 
Answer: Information Executive (IE), is the e-newsletter by and for AITP Members! It contains news from the Association, Regions, and Chapters and contains interesting feature articles of interest to all IT Professionals and Students. Past Issues of Information Executive can be found at: Past Issues Info Exec, and this page can be found via the "AITP In the News" link in the left navigation rail.


Also, all IE articles are available at the AITP web in the right rail, see the "Latest News” box. It features the most recent three articles. You can be notified immediately of new IE articles, instead of waiting for an IE issue to be emailed to you? The News pages are RSS enabled. Set up your RSS feed today!

Newsletter Question: How do I submit an article to Information Exective?
Answer:. You can send articles to in a Word document or just an email message. Include: Title of the article (short – no more than 75 characters) Byline - the Author name (it can be the name of your committee) Article Text If you send a picture, include in the text where the picture should go and provide a caption for the picture


Privacy and Security FAQ


Privacy and Security Question: Where can I go to change privacy settings? I tried the 'edit bio' section but I didn't see any options. The reason I ask is because I did a Google Search for myself and all my personal information shown on this site was readily available. This included phone number, address...everything. This is not acceptable for a ton of security reasons. Please let me know how I can change this.
Answer:  An individual member cannot reset the privacy options. This has to be done by a "back-end" administrator for all members of a group type. Currently the privacy settings are set to "open" which means that the profile information is only available to other members of the community. In other words, your information is not available to the general public but is available to any logged member of AITP.



Web Page Question: What can I do if I forget my username or password for the website? 
Answer: In order to recover lost or forgotten login information, please click on Forgot your password? link in the Member Log In section of the right rail.  Simply enter in your email address and a message will be generated to your account that will contain the username and password that we have on file for you. If you receive a message stating that we do not have your account on file, please check to make sure that your membership has not expired, in which case your login information will no longer be valid. Please also ensure that the email address you are providing is the one that we have listed under your account. If your email address has changed, you will need to update your information to reflect the change (see the My Personal Information has changed FAQ above). If you receive a message stating that we do not have your account on file, please contact AITP Headquarters at 800-224-9371 or



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