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How to Use This Site

Welcome to the AITP website. The site is a powerful tool for your use. Please take the time to learn how best to use it. Familiarize yourself with the menu system, which remains visible on all pages.

Note: Considerable thought has gone into this site, but it is not complete. We will release additional features and content and make improvements as we hear from our members.


A note on accessibility. If you find the font size too small for comfortable reading or want to make the page larger or smaller on the screen, use the resizing capability built into most browsers. Press + to increase screen size, - to decrease size and 0 to restore default size settings.

  1. How to Use This Site
  2. Joining AITP and Registering for the First Time
  3. How to Manage Your Profile
  4. Managing Email Notifications
  5. Adding a Photo to your Member Profile
  6. Professional & Social Networking
  7. Blogs & Discussion Forums

How to Use This Site

The main menu categories are:

Home- Home page of (after transfer on July 1), providing a few of the most recent news items and upcoming events (right side, with links to full calendar and news).

About AITP- Links to subpages with AITP governance, Board of Directors, vision, mission, core values, guiding principles, code of ethics, standard of conduct and past presidents.

Why Join AITP?- Links to subpages which allow members to Join AITP, view membership benefits and classes of membership.

  • Member Benefits - specific list of current member benefits and links (member only) to access those benefits
  • Classes of Membership - describes the categories of membership available to individuals

Chapters - our chapters, both Professional and Student, are traditional geographic-based communities, many of which hold monthly professional development and networking programs. The main menu links the site visitor to a landing (public) page or the chapter's main group (private) page. Groups are private because of the ability to post content and photos and participate in discussion forums.  We also have Regions which group chapters by states and area of the country.  Recently we have added High School chapters.

  • Find a Chapter - Allows you to search for professional chapters, student chapters and region websites.
  • How to Start a Chapter - For more information about starting an AITP chapter, please email or contact AITP Headquarters at 1-800-224-9371 or

Special Interest Groups - Information can be found here about the APA Council, Student Leadership Council and EDSIG.

AITP Events - Area to find information about national events such as ISECON, National Summit and National Collegiate Conference

Social Networking -  A new way to stay in contact with other AITP members using Blogs and Forums

Knowledge Center -  These page contains Research Papers and Wedinars

ELearning -  These pages include approved opportunities for AITP to participate in ELearning.

Members Only -  These pages are restricted to AITP members and include information shared with the membership by the Board of Directors.

AITP Leaders -  These pages are for those AITP members desingnated as Leaders in their chapters and/or region.  This is where you will find membership reports and resources to benefit your chapter or region.

Scholarships - Webpages with the information necessary for Student members to apply for a FITE scholarship and for the Robert Half scholarship.

Partners & Affiliates - Three individual pages that discuss our Partners, Alliances and Affiliates

AITP In The News - Find out what's happening at AITP chapters around the country.

Online Store - Place where members can buy AITP logoed products.

Contact AITP - Includes a webpage with Headquarters information and a webpage that has the AITP Service E-mails.

Site Search

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Joining AITP and Registering for the First Time

If you want to Join AITP for the first time this is for you!!

Click on either Register or Haven't registered yet?

The Select Your Member Type screen will display.

Review the information listed and select the correct Member Type.

Click Continue

The Get Connected! screen is displayed.

Complete the fields and select your Chapter then click Continue

The Membership Selection screen is displayed.

Select your dues amount and click Continue with the Seclected Membership button

The Member Information screen is displayed.

Complete the required fields and the optional fields and press Submit.

Select your Chapter Dues and then complete the Payment Information area.

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How to Manage Your Profile


We have enhanced your membership profile area to provide you greater access to information across the site and expand your visibility on the web. Your profile now has three tabs: My Feeds, My Wall, and My Bio. At login, you will be directed to the My Feeds page of your profile, which shows you all recent site activity related to your areas of interests. Aggregating content of relevance to you makes it much easier to keep up with recent notices and site additions.

On the My Feeds tab, you can select to see all site activity, activity related just to your connections, or activity from just those groups, such as chapters, communities of practice, SIGs and committees, of which you are a member. The My Wall tab shows all of your recent activity (forum or blog posts, event registrations, groups joined) and comments added by others (similar to Facebook). The wall feature is turned off by default and may be activated by checking the appropriate box under My Preferences. You may delete entries on your wall and make comments on other's walls. Your profile is now called My Bio.

The My Profile menu located on the upper right side of any page (if you are logged in) has been organized and constructed to provide for streamlined navigation and simplified management of your profile details. Clicking Manage Profile accesses a consolidated, graphical listing of available features and settings. Beyond editing your bio and setting preferences, you can edit your profile content, manage your community groups, messaging and connections, and view your event registrations and membership status.

A great feature is the ability to add custom pages to your profile. You may add up to ten pages, the content of which is controlled by a WYSIWYG editor, is a great way to extend yourprofessional description and expand the web visibility of yourinformation. All member profiles are fully indexed by search engines.

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Managing Email Notifications

Email Notifications are emails that you receive in your private inbox that informs you of updates from member profiles, groups, events, and connections.

If you do not wish to receive certain notifications please log on to the AITP website and select Manage Profile on the right hand rail.

After selecting Manage Profile select Preferences.

Here you are able to uncheck or check boxes of notifications that the website sends out. If a box is checked this indicates that you will receive the notification. If the box is left un-checked you will not receive notifications of that type.

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Adding a Photo to your Member Profile

Uploading a Profile Picture is a great way to increase networking and fully utilize all of the features on the new website.

To upload a profile picture login to the website using your username and password. If you forgot your password select "Forgot your password?" to create a new one or contact

Once you are logged in to the site click "Profile Home" located on the right rail

Upon clicking Profile Home you will be brought to your main profile screen. This screen is how other members view your information.
On this screen you will notice a Grey icon, shown below.

If you hover over this icon with your mouse an additional pop-up will appear.

Clicking the icon will bring you to a screen to upload your Profile Headshot. The screen you see should be similar to the one below.

Here you are able to upload any picture that you have on your computer. Select Browse and then select the image you wish to upload.

After submitting you will be brought back to your Profile Home where your new profile picture will be displayed.

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Professional & Social Networking

As a professional association, AITP is committed to supporting collaboration, communication and community among our members. The site provides a range of tools to help you know and be known to other members. Most of these capabilities are under your control, and you can turn off those you do not want to participate in:

  • See which fellow members are "Online Now"
  • Chat in real-time with other online members
  • Share external social/professional networking profiles
  • Manage your connections to other members
  • Email members and connections from the site (if allowed for your member type and group)
  • Send and receive messages from members and groups
  • Create and manage message center folders
  • Manage received messages and attachments
  • Engage others via Tell-a-Friend system
  • Add/allow comments to photo galleries
  • Collaborate with others via blogs, wikis, groups and more

Control these features through the My Preferences link in the Manage my Membership menu.

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Blogs & Discussion Forums


As part of our effort to foster greater community and collaboration we provide the ability to post blogs at the site wide community level, within individual groups or chapters, and by individual members. If permitted by the poster, members may comment on blogs and you may subscribe to blogs of particular interest:

  • Browse blogs and forums
  • Search blogs by tags and blog content
  • Post to open blogs
  • Add comments to specific blog posts
  • Embed video and audio within posts
  • Attach files and documents
  • Subscribe to blogs and comments
  • Receive email notification of new posts and comments

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