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Membership Discounts
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 Enterprise Membership Program

The Enterprise Membership Program is designed for organizations, who have or desire to have, 3 or more of their IT staff nationwide belong to AITP. It offers significant discounts on a sliding scale of 3 to 9 employees as Tier 1 ($80/person) and 10 or more employees as Tier 2 ($70/person). This discount is for organizations that are willing to offer AITP memberships to their IT employees in order to enhance their technical and management skills at a very affordable price.

For more information on the Enterprise Membership Program, please view our
brochure that offers more information on this membership program, dues and how to apply.


Faculty Advisor Membership Incentive

 The Faculty Advisor Membership Incentive provides a $35 reduction in dues off the regular association professional dues. The member is still responsible for individual chapter dues. 

To be eligible for this discount an individuals must:

1.                   Be employed as a full-time faculty member at an educational institution where a Student Chapter has been chartered and agree to serve as the Faculty Advisor to the Student Chapter for the year.

2.                   Provide documentation from their academic supervisor (principal, department chair, dean, etc.) that they are currently employed and in good standing with the educational institution.

3.                   Provide documentation from the sponsoring Professional Chapter President that they have agreed to serve as Faculty Advisor to a Student Chapter.

4.                   Join the student chapter's sponsoring professional chapter and pay the applicable association and chapter dues.

This discount is limited to one advisor per student chapter.  To apply for the discount, fill our application at: AITP Faculty Advisor DiscountOnce approved, the applicant will be given a discount code to be used when the applicant joins on-line or when existing members renew online.  For more information, email

Multi-Year Professional Membership

 The Multi-Year Professional Membership offers discounted Association Professional membership dues available under our multi-year membership initiative:

  • 2 years: $178 - savings of $32
  • 3 years: $252 - savings of $63
  • 5 years: $367 - savings of $158

When joining or renewing your membership online, there will be an option for multi-year memberships. The discount is for the Association portion of dues only; chapter dues are not discounted and must be paid by the individual member..


Senior Membership Discount

 Senior Membership is available to qualifying existing members, and it is not available for new members.

Senior Membership may be granted to those active members who become totally disabled, who retire at age 60 or later, or who retire prior to age 60 upon reaching the age of 60. Such persons must have ten years of membership in the Association, with five consecutive years being immediately prior to the date of disablement or retirement. Annual dues for Seniors are one‑half of the Association dues plus one‑half of chapter dues (rounded to the nearest dollar), payable by the individual.

Members interested in the Senior Membership discount should talk to their Chapter leaders, or Region leaders if an Individual Member.  Chapters applying for Senior membership for an individual must provide all supporting materials to their Region President at least 30 days prior to the next Executive Committee meeting. Click here to view the upcoming meetings. The Region President will request approval from the Region Executive Committee, and then the Region Executive Committee will then take the request to the Association Board of Directors.

The member will be sent a discount code to be used at the time of their renewal.

Student to Professional Membership

 A new Student to Professional Membership discount is available to former AITP Student Members. Under this discount, Association dues are reduced by $50 (to $55) for the first year of professional membership. This discount can be used anytime during the first three years following graduation or the expiration of student membership – whichever is later. Chapter and Region dues must also be paid and are not discounted.

This discount replaces the former Student to Professional (S2P) program. Current S2P members will be allowed to complete their three years of transitional discounts.

To apply for the discount, fill out the form at: Student to Professional Discount . Existing members can also find the form by logging in, clicking on Members Only in the left navigation rail, and then clicking on Membership Discounts. Once approved, the applicant will be given a discount code to be used when the applicant joins on-line or when existing members renews on-line.



Unemployed Professional Membership Incentive

 The very popular unemployed membership program has been extended through 12/31/2014. The Unemployed Professional Membership Initiative provides an opportunity for unemployed IT professionals to experience the educational and networking opportunities provided by our local AITP chapters. It covers the situations of:

  • Unemployment (laid off, contract ended, company closure)
  • Medical leave (health or disability prevents gainful employment)
  • Family leave (left the workforce to care for family members full time)
  • Education leave (enrolled full time in a formal education program)

The discount of $35 reduces Association dues to $70. Chapter dues (if applicable) are not discounted and must be paid.

To be eligible for this discount an individuals must:

  1. Have been previously employed full-time as an IT professional and currently unemployed in the IT field. Those working part-time in IT or involved as a consultant are not eligible. Other unrelated work (for example: the Wal-Mart greeter) would not disqualify.
  2. It is not a requirement that the person be collecting unemployment benefits or severance pay, and neither would disqualify the person.
  3. It is not a requirement that the person be actively seeking work.
  4. A person who joined/renewed in prior years using the discount is eligible to renew again this year if they are still unemployed.

An Unemployed Member Discount Application form is available by clicking on Unemployment Member Discount.  Once approved, the applicant will be given a discount code to be used when the applicant joins on-line or when existing members renews on-line.


Stay connected with AITP!

Stay connected with AITP!

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