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About Region 5

AITP Region 5 represents 12 professional and 43 student chapters of the Association of Information Technology Professionals (AITP) in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, the St. Louis Metro area of Missouri, Northern Kentucky, Eastern Iowa and Wisconsin.

AITP is a national professional association comprised of career minded individuals who seek to expand their potential -- employers, employees, managers, programmers, and many others. The organization seeks to provide avenues for all their members to be teachers as well as students and to make contacts with other members in the Information Technology field, all in an effort to become more marketable in rapidly changing, technological careers.


Region Mission

The AITP Region 5 Mission is to:

  • Provide a vehicle for the exchange of information among our chapters and members.
  • Provide guidance, suggestions and training for successful chapter management.
  • Provide educational, networking, and leadership opportunities for our members.
  • Have fun and foster lasting friendships while we accomplish all of the above.


AITP Chicago Presents Awards

AITP Chicago and SIM Chicago congratulate the teams of USG Corporation, Tate & Lyle PLC, and Association Management Center, winners of the "2014 CIOs Most Effective IT Team Award." All nominations, judging, and elections were completed by peers in the information technology community, and awards were presented at the Awards Program dinner on November 13, 2014. For more information click here.

AITP Chicago and ISSA-Chicago wish to congratulate Arian McMillan, CISO, Department of Innovation and Technology, City of Chicago winner of the 2014 CISO of the Year Award. All nominations, judging, and elections were done by peers in the information security community, and the award was presented at the Award Program breakfast on October 15th. For more information click here.




Ball State to Hold Fifth Annual IS Project and Case Competitions

April 10-12, 2015

The Miller College of Business at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana, has been hosting an IS Project and Case Competitions in April since 2012. The event provides students opportunity to network with IS/IT professionals, to showcase their projects, and to test their business problem-solving skills. Click here to see what students from Western Michigan University had to say about their experience. Please visit the Competitions site for videos of past competitions and information about the winning teams. The fifth annual IS Project and Case Competitions will be held from April 10thto 12th, 2015. There is no registration fee and Ball State provides most meals. Students must be accompanied by a faculty advisor.

This event is open to information systems and management information systems students registered at a University. To be eligible, entrants must have been enrolled as undergraduate students at the time the project was completed. The project must be a real-world project that students have completed for a client. A client may be any individual, business, not-for-profit, club, association, or other organization. Projects may be completed in fall or spring of 2014-2015 academic year.

The uniqueness of this Project and Case Competitions is that students not only are able to showcase their projects, they also have the opportunity to solve an IS-related business problem within time constraint. If you have questions or need more detail information, e-mail Dr. Catherine Chen at If you plan to participate, email your intend to Dr. Chen by December 5, 2014.




Twin City Named Association Outstanding Chapter

Congratulations to the Twin City Chapter in Bloomington-Normal, Illinois. It was honored with the Association Outstanding Chapter Award (AOCA) at the AITP Member Summit on October 30, 2014.

Each year, chapters apply for the Chapter Outstanding Performance Award (COPA). Each Region then selects their Region Outstanding Chapter Award (ROCA) winner. The ROCA winners then compete for the Association's Outstanding Chapter Award. This year, after reviewing all the documentation submitted for all the ROCA winners, an independent body selected Twin City as the Association Outstanding Chapter.

In his letter of recommendation to the Association Awards Committee, Region President Larry Schmitz noted: "….what Twin Cities did in 2013, as evidenced by their COPA application and what I am about to share with you below, put them head and shoulders above the rest of us. They, with only 39 professional members, hosted, planned and executed the ONLY full blown Region Conference, Region Board Meeting and Leadership Workshop in the Association!! And it was a huge success."

"But their success goes beyond leadership. They showed an amazing "can do” attitude with a whole bunch of teamwork mixed in.” "We have lots of active, involved chapter leaders in Region 5, but in that 40 years, I have never seen an entire chapter board attend a Region Board of Directors meeting and Leadership Workshop. The dedication of this group from the Twin Cities to make AITP a better organization and to make their chapter a better chapter is truly inspiring.”

The Region ROCA Selection Committee noted the Twin City Chapter’s accomplishments in terms of the number of members participating in Association and Region activities, the number of visits to student and other professional chapter events, contributions to the association website and publications, hosting the Region Conference/Board Meeting/Leadership Workshop, support and involvement with students, involvement in community and business activities, and professional development activities for their professional and student members.

Congratulations to Twin City President John Haushalter, Chapter Advisor Sue Braun (who spent many hours documenting Twin City's accomplishments), and the entire Twin City Chapter!



Northeastern Wisconsin Hosted Fall Region Meeting Board Meeting and Student Leadership Summit

A BIG thank you to the Northeastern Wisconsin (NEW) Chapter for hosting the Fall 2014 Region 5 Board Meeting and conducting a Student Leadership Summit.  On Wednesday September 17, the NEW chapter invited region leaders to attend their informative and entertaining seminars and dinner meeting. 

The first-ever Region 5 AITP Student Leadership Summit convened on September 18, 2014.  Presenters from the NEW Chapter were current and past NEW Board members Carrie Drephal, Maggie Beard, and Chris Nimmer.

Attending the Summit were 22 members from various student and professional chapters, as well as leaders from all levels of AITP. The whole two-day experience, including dinner, seminars, hospitality suite, Region Board meeting, and Student Leadership Summit was just $10 for AITP Student members and $20 for AITP Professional members!

Click here for more about the summit

Click here for the agenda and minutes from both the Board Meeting and Student Leadership Summit.

Click here for pictures from the event.


Region 5 Elects Officers for 2015

The Region 5 Board of Directors elected its 2015 Officers at its fall meeting on September 18 in Appleton, Wisconsin.  Serving for 2015 will be:

Ron Mathis (Northeastern Wisconsin Chapter) - Region 5 President 
Paul Dittmann (Chicago Chapter) - Region 5 Vice President
Bill Riter (West Michigan Chapter) - Region 5 Treasurer 
Dick Boenisch (Sheboygan Chapter) - Region 5 Secretary 
Larry Schmitz (Northeastern Wisconsin Chapter) - Region 5 Immediate Past President

We appreciate these officers' willingness to serve the Region, who in turn, serves our chapters and members.


NCC 2015-2017 To Be Held in the Area for Region 5 Student Members

NCC will be held close to or in Region 5 for the next three years.  The 2015 NCC is March 26-29 in Omaha, NE.  The 2016 NCC is April 7-10 in Rosemont, IL.  The 2017 NCC is April 6-9 in St. Louis, MO.  See the NCC Future Conferences page for more details.  


Region 5's Ball State University Wins Student Awards

AITP announced the winners of the 2013-2014 Student Chapter Outstanding Performance Award (SCOPA) and the Student Individual Performance Award (SIPA). Among the winners is Region 5's Ball State University, which attained SCOPA and Ron Johnston from Ball State received SIPA.


For schools to receive the SCOPA award, they must have outstanding accomplishments in the areas of education, membership, public relations, chapter meetings and association participation. For students to receive the SIPA award, they must have sustained meritorious individual effort, both in the administration of the student chapter and in the increase of knowledge in information technology.

Congratulations to Ball State and Ron Johnston.  See this Information Executive article for all the association's SCOPA and SIPA winners.




Region 5 Members to Serve on 2015 Association Board of Directors

Mike Welch of the Capitol chapter who was 2014 Association President, will be the Immediate Past President in 2015. John Council of the Northeastern Wisconsin Chapter will serve as the 2015 Association Secretary. Chris Leja of the St. Louis Chapter will serve as the 2015 Association Treasurer. Vicki Hampton of the Capitol Chapter and Larry Friedlander of the St. Louis Chapter will serve as Association Directors for the Central District. Region 5 has a long history of providing the association with leaders and 2015 will no exception. Congratulations to these members and thank you for your dedication and time to help lead our association.




Twin City Named Region 5 Outstanding Chapter

Region 5 had five chapters that qualified for Chapter Outstanding Performance Award (COPA); Capitol, Chicago, Northeastern Wisconsin, St Louis and Twin City. These Chapters demonstrated performance in all six areas being evaluated: Association support, Region support, support of future generations, local community involvement, business community involvement, and efforts in developing their chapter. The selection this year was challenging because several of them demonstrated excellence in all six areas.

This year’s Region 5 Outstanding Chapter Award (ROCA) recipient is Twin City. Some of the 2013 accomplishments that made them stand out are:

  • The number of members participating in Association and Region boards, committees and meetings.
  • The number of visits to student and other professional chapter meetings and events.
  • The contributions to association web site and publications.
  • Hosting the Fall Region Conference, Region Board Meeting and Leadership Workshop.
  • Support for, and involvement with, student chapters and education organizations.
  • Involvement in many community and business activities and events.
  • The professional development activities for their professional and student members offered by the chapter and in cooperation with Illinois State University.

Congratulations to 2013 Twin City Chapter President John Haushalter, Sue Braun who documented the accomplishments, the Board of Directors and the entire chapter membership.

The Twin City Chapter now joins the other Region ROCA winners to compete for the Association Outstanding Chapter Award (AOCA) to be awarded later this year.

The selection committee consisted of Bill Riter (West Michigan Chapter), Nick Sondelski (Wisconsin River Valley Chapter) and Dick Boenisch (Sheboygan Chapter - chairman).



Region 5 Outstanding Chapters!

Region 5 congratulates the following chapters who earned the Chapter Outstanding Performance Award (COPA) for the 2013 award year.

Northeastern Wisconsin
St Louis
Twin City

The Chapter Outstanding Performance Award (COPA) was developed to recognize Chapters for their efforts to become a well-rounded, effective group within their industry, local community and professional association. To qualify for COPA, a chapter must perform at least one qualifying activity in each of the categories of Association, Region, Chapter, Giving Forward, Local Community, and Business Community. Region 5, who had more COPA winners than any other AITP Region, is proud to have these Outstanding Professional Chapters. See for more information about the COPA and the outstanding chapters in other regions.

Region 5 will select the recipient of the Region Outstanding Chapter Award (ROCA) among the above five COPA winners. That chapter will advance to compete for the Association Outstanding Chapter Award (AOCA). The ROCA Selection Committee consisting of Dick Boenisch, chair (Sheboygan Chapter), Bill Riter (West Michigan Chapter) and Nick Sondelski (Wisconsin River Valley Chapter) will make their selection by July 15.



Chicago Chapter Hosts Region 5 Spring Meetings

Region 5 thanks the Chicago Chapter for hosting the Spring 2014 Region 5 Board of Directors Meeting and Chapter Leadership Workshop, April 21-22. Chicago did an outstanding job, starting with a dynamic dinner speaker on Information Security featuring Jason Witty, SVP and CISO of U.S. Bancorp and winner of the 2013 ISSA/AITP CISO of the Year Award.

The next morning the Region held a productive business meeting and then a lively Chapter Leaders Workshop on the topic of how we can better support our student chapters and faculty advisors.

Click here for all the information from these Region 5 meetings.

Click here for pictures from the meetings.



Region 5 Scores Well at the 2014 National Collegiate Conference

The AITP National Collegiate Conference is the single largest event produced by AITP. Region 5 continues to participate heavily in this great educational opportunity and 2014 was no exception. Held in Atlanta, Georgia April 10-13, the 2014 NCC was an outstanding success.

Region 5 universities and colleges represented at NCC include:

Ball State University 
Blackhawk Technical College 
Central Michigan University 
DeVry University – Chicago 
Eastern Illinois University 
Ferris State University 
Gateway Technical College 
Illinois State University 
Kalamazoo Valley Community College 
Mid-State Technical College – Wisc. Rapids 
Purdue University 
Scott Community College 
University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point 
Waukesha County Technical College

While ALL our student members from Region 5 and their faculty advisors who attended are winners, here is the list of those who brought home awards:

Outstanding AITP Student Chapter of the Year (2011-2012)
Ball State University

AITP Faculty "Extra Mile” Award
David Barnes – Kalamazoo Valley Community College

ICC Exam Statistics Top Faculty Scores
HM – Jimmie Joseph – Ferris State University 
HM – Matt Green – Waukesha County Technical College

AITP Student Chapter Banner Contest – Professional Category
1st – Kalamazoo Valley Community College

AITP Student Chapter Shirt Contest – Casual Category
1st – Kalamazoo Valley Community College

AITP Web Project Contest
3rd – Kalamazoo Valley Community College

Code:24 Entrepreneurship Code-a-thon
1st – Gold Team Alpha Wolf Squadron – Gwinnett Technical College & Ferris State University (Arielle Kohler, Robert Colangelo, and Nick Martin) 
2nd – Team Flow-n-Go – Waukesha County Technical College (Darius Jackson, Chanel McKinney, Greg Clark, Laura Hendrickson, Andrew Quimby, Ryan Corbin and Tyler Breuniq)

Systems Analysis & Design Contest
HM – Purdue University – Abhishek Balaji and Kiril Spasovski 
HM – Purdue University – Kyle Burrow and Jessica Banks

PC Troubleshooting Contest
HM – DeVry University – Chicago – Andres Marroquin 
HM – Ball State University – Nick Burton

Database Design Contest
2nd – Purdue University – Ivan Fung and Ben Mollet

Network Design Contest
2nd – Ball State University – Nick Burton and Lewis Brown 
HM – Purdue University – Brandon Crenshaw 
HM – Purdue University – Grant Miller and Noah Stampfli 
HM – Purdue University – Tyler James Watterson and Justin James Cherry

Visual Studio.Net Developer Contest
2nd – Purdue University – Ben Mollet and Daniel Golant 
HM – Purdue University – Stefan Ralston and Ashish Mahajan

Java Developer Contest
3rd – Purdue University – Ben Mollet and Anthony Natoli

Security Contest
1st – Waukesha County Technical College – Matt Thompson 
HM – Mid-State Technical College-Wisconsin Rapids – Greg Leavitt

Again, congratulations to all who participated. Once again, Region 5 students proved to be the "best of the best”.

Click here for a list of all the winners, sponsors, and participating colleges and universities.

Click here for conference pictures.

See for more information about the National Collegiate Conference!




Region 5 NCC Student Chapter Grant Winners Announced

The 2014 AITP National Collegiate Conference (NCC) will be held in Atlanta, GA this year.  Region 5 is proud to provide three grants of $250 each to be awarded to winning chapters for use in attending the 19th annual conference. 

There were 7 entries received for this year's Region 5 Grant.  The entries were evaluated on:

  • completeness of funding request and updated information on chapter officers and faculty advisor(s) with email addresses posted to the chapter's web page on
  • student chapter activities/accomplishments through the previous year
  • number of students that will be attending the NCC
  • number of competitions and number of teams that the chapter will be entering in the competitions
  • activities undertaken by the student chapters to obtain the funds to cover the costs to attend
  • description of how the funds would be utilized if awarded

The winners are, in no particular order

The other student chapters who submitted applications were

We want to thank all the student chapters for participating in the grant process this year. The applications for the NCC Grant tally 62 students planning to attend the NCC.  Our student chapters boast some of the best and brightest and have had several contest winners.  We anxiously await the results from this year's competitions and wish the best of luck to all our students and teams.

This year's NCC Grant Selection Committee consisted of Brian Runyon, Twin City Chapter (Bloomington/Normal, IL); Kim WinterNortheastern Wisconsin Chapter (Green Bay, WI); and Richard (Dick) Boenisch, Sheboygan Chapter (Sheboygan, WI) also the chairperson.  We thank them for their service to the region.

For more details see this Information Executive article:  



Region 5 Welcomes the Northern Michigan University Student Chapter

AITP welcomes the Northern Michigan University Student Chapter in Marquette, Michigan. It is sponsored by the Northeastern Wisconsin professional chapter.


Congratulations to the Chapter Officers and Directors and all the new members! 

Chapter President – Melissa Millis 
Chapter Vice President – Sebastian Savard 
Chapter Secretary – Chelsea Hart 
Chapter Treasurer and Membership Chair – Derek Weseen 
Chapter Program Chair – Lewis Steiner 
Chapter Webmaster – Brandon Collen 
Faculty Advisor – Dr. David Helton




Region 5 Elects 2014 Officers 


Pictured above, left to right  Larry Schmitz, Bill Riter, Ron Mathis, Mark Gilfand, Dick Boenisch  

The Region 5 Board of Directors elected its 2014 Officers at its fall meeting on October 11, 2013 in Bloomington, Illinois. Serving for 2014 will be:

Larry Schmitz (Northeastern Wisconsin Chapter) - Region 5 President 
Ron Mathis (Northeastern Wisconsin Chapter) - Region 5 Vice-President 
Bill Riter (West Michigan Chapter) - Region 5 Treasurer 
Dick Boenisch (Sheboygan Chapter) - Region 5 Secretary  
Mark Gilfand (Twin City Chapter) - Region 5 Immediate Past President

We appreciate these officers' willingness to serve the Region, who in turn, serves our chapters and members.



Region 5 Sponsors

We would like to thank Automated Records Management Systems (ARMS) for providing record retention services to our Region at no charge as their commitment to AITP and our profession.

Automated Records Management Systems, Inc.
Click the logo for more information on ARMS.


Region 5, Setting the Pace and on the Move!


Page last updated: 11/30/2014

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800-Region President
Larry W. Schmitz
801-Region Vice-President
Ron W. Mathis
802-Region Secretary
Richard Boenisch
803-Region Treasurer
William R. Riter
805-Region Past President
Mark Gilfand

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