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Welcome to the Charleston Chapter of the

Association of Information Technology Professionals
No matter how sophisticated the technology, it still takes people!™
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To All AITP-Charleston Professional Members:


The Nominating Committee is in the process of accepting nominations for the offices listed below.  If you would like to put your name in nomination please forward a letter or email signifying willingness to serve and attesting to the fact that you will be free to devote the time necessary to the office for which you are applying.  If you want to nominate a member for an office please check with that member and verify her/his willingness to serve and list it in your nominating letter to the committee.  A brief bio on the candidate should also be a part of your letter.  Please email nominating letters to Robin Ward, Nominating Committee Chair, at "Contact Us".  We will be accepting nominations thru October 15th, 2014.  Elections of 2015 Officers will be November 20th at the Chapter’s Annual Business Meeting and at that time we will accept nominations from the floor.  For further information or questions concerning the nominations and offices to be filled, please email Robin Ward, Nominating Committee, at "Contact Us."


Have you ever considered Serving on the Board, of the Charleston Chapter of AITP?  When you Joined AITP, you were expressing an interest in furthering your Professional Development. And, there is certainly no better way to accomplish that Objective than by becoming an Active Member of AITP!


If you are an excellent communicator, if you are dependable, supportive, capable, responsible & have well developed time management skills, the Board of Directors of the Charleston Chapter of AITP encourages you to take a positive step in your professional development by serving on the Board of Directors, in 2015.



The Vice President is the second executive officer of the chapter. In the absence or disability of the President, the Vice President performs all the duties of the President. In addition, he/she assists the President in the executive direction of all chapter affairs, and shall have such other powers or duties as the Board of Directors or President may delegate to him/her.

Duties of the Vice President:

The Vice President may be assigned specific duties, preferably in areas in which he/she has not been active before, in order to obtain experience, which will be beneficial to him/her for his/her possible election to the presidency. The Vice President can act as chairperson of a major committee, such as programs or membership or he/she is charged with the supervision of a number of major committees and thus relieves the President of direct responsibilities, if necessary, because of the volume of work being done by the chapter.



The Secretary is the corresponding and recording officer of the chapter. He/she has important record keeping responsibilities and acts as the liaison between the chapter members, chapter officers, the chapter Board of Directors and the Association.


Duties of the Secretary:

The Secretary has many duties, however some of the areas of responsibility are:

·         Maintain all records relating to membership.

·         Order all stationery, member and chapter supplies.

·         Maintain a record of any property owned by the chapter.  Arrange for required insurance coverage.

·         Maintain a historical file. All records should be kept for a minimum of one year - important records longer.  A brief history of the chapter should be added each year.

·         Receive copy of all correspondence written by directors or committee chairs, and maintain an orderly file.

·         Secure a meeting place for the Board of Directors and arrange for meeting facilities. A "U" shaped table for the meeting with members sitting on the outside only is a desirable arrangement.

·         Send notice of Board meeting and agenda one week prior to meeting, as outlined by the President, to all Board members.

·         Be responsible for the written minutes of each Director’s meeting, a copy of which should be forwarded to each director.

·         Summarize minutes for publication in the chapter's newsletter and send to director of publications within the specified schedule.

·         Be responsible for the written minutes of each monthly membership meeting.

·         Pick up mail from the post office box twice a week and forward to the respective recipients.

·         Obtain signature approval for checks and forward to bank. The bank

·         furnishes signature forms.

·         Send in state tax exemption form, as required.

·         Perform other duties as may be assigned to by the President.


Supplies for the efficient operation of the chapter, as well as awards, plaques and gift items are available from the Association.  Orders for all chapter supply items should be placed by the chapter Secretary.



The Treasurer, an elected officer of the chapter, receives and disburses all chapter funds. Responsibilities include preparation of a chapter operating budget for each fiscal year and proper maintenance of all chapter accounting records.


The Treasurer should have a voice in all chapter matters in order that he/she may express his opinions on maintaining a sound financial condition at all times. He/she should make periodic reports to the chapter Board of Directors regarding the chapters current financial position and also prepare periodic reports on long-range financial forecasts.


He/she should meet with all committees planning activities involving fees of any type, such as review courses, Christmas dinner dances, etc., to assure sound financial management and that control of receipts will be handled in accordance with the chapter's accounting procedure.


The Audit Committee is appointed by the President, with the approval of the chapter Board of Directors, to audit the books and records of the chapter treasurer.  The Audit Committee should, unless otherwise stated in the chapter bylaws, report directly to the President and the chapter Board of Directors.


Duties of the Treasurer:

Detailed reference information concerning treasurer duties can be found in the Financial Procedures manual that is available for download from the AITP web site. This manual is designed for use by the treasurer of Professional Chapters, Regions and Student Chapters.



Director At Large (2 positions available)

The Director at Large responsibilities are comprehensive (i.e. implementing membership development and value programs to build organizational mass and momentum; managing communications with members and key constituent groups; negotiating and supervising contracts for the organization; maintaining up-to-date bylaws and other required records and legal documents; serving as an information clearinghouse to field inquiries and provide information to interested parties, and to generally manage staff to carry out the day-to-day operations of the association).”


Director: 1 year term

Director: 2 year term






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Our Board Members
President Justin Nightengale

Vice President Thomas Malaniak

Treasurer Bill Rhodes

Secretary Robin Ward

Past President Thomas Malaniak
Director of Programs Palmer Gaillard

Director of Sponsorship Joel Baumgardner

Communications Chair Michael Painter

Bylaws Chair Ed Cavadias
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PO Box 61225

North Charleston, SC 29419-1225

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