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2013 Fall Region Meeting
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Fall 2013 Region 5 Board Meeting Information
Friday October 11, 2013
8:15 a.m. - 10:00 a.m.
Bonaparte I & II
The Chateau Hotel and Conference Center
Bloomington, IL


Approved Board Meeting Minutes (PDF - Microsoft Word)


  1. Call to Order (Mark Gilfand)

  2. Appoint Parliamentarian (Mark Gilfand)

  3. Roll Call/Credentials (Dick Boenisch)
  4. Introductions (Mark Gilfand)

  5. Welcome to Twin City/ Announcements (Mark Gilfand)

  6. Consent Agenda (Mark Gilfand)
    • Approve April 6, 2013 Board Meeting Minutes (PDF - Microsoft Word)
      NOTE: These minutes have been previously approved electronically. The vote is to confirm the electronic approval.

  7. Treasurer's Reports (Bill Riter)
    • Auditor's report/status (JPG)
    • 2013-10-07 YTD Financial Report (PDF - Microsoft Word)
    • Status of Region Funding and Microsoft Funding

  8. Region Nominating Committee / Officer Elections (Mark Gilfand / Mike Hall)
    • Nomination Committee Report (Mike Hall)
      • President:
      • Vice President
      • Treasurer:
      • Secretary:
    • Open nominations from the floor
    • Vote by office (if contested), by acclamation (if uncontested)

  9. District/Association Candidate Recruitment Committee (Nita Adams)
    • Report: (PDF - Microsoft Word)
    • Committee members are Nita Adams (chair), Chris Leja and Tony LaCrosse
    • Results of Association election
  10. Region Webmaster Report (Mark Gilfand) - (PDF - Microsoft Word)

  11. Region Bylaws/Operating Procedures Committee (Larry Schmitz)
  12. Nominations for hosting Spring and Fall 2014 Region Conference/Board Meetings (Mark Gilfand)

  13. Region Directory Status Report (Dick Boenisch)

  14. Appointment of Committees for 2014
    • This will be deferred to the incoming 2014 President.
    • Appointments will be made in conjunction with the Region Officers Planning Meeting in Springfield, IL on December 20, 2013.
    • Committees include:
      • Outstanding Professional Chapter Selection
      • Outstanding Student Chapter Selection
      • National Collegiate Conference (NCC) Grant Selection
      • District Candidate Recruitment Committee
    • People interested in serving on these committees should contact the incoming Region President.
    • Members of the committees need not be Region Board members but must be members of good standing from Region 5
      and should be independent of nominees for the various awards / positions.

  15. Status of At-Risk (All) - (PDFMicrosoft Excel
    • Please be prepared to talk about the status of each of your chapters and whether those with less than 5-10 members should be disbanded.

  16. Other New Business (Mark Gilfand)

  17. Adjourn

Chapter Reports (not required, but if submitted they are below) Click here for the Chapter Status Report Form

  • AITP Chicago 
  • Capitol (PDF - Microsoft Word)
  • East Central Indiana
  • Illowa
  • Northeastern Wisconsin 
  • Sheboygan
  • Southeast Wisconsin 
  • St. Louis 
  • Twin City 
  • West Michigan 
  • Wisconsin River Valley 

Chapter Leadership Workshop
10:30am - 1:00pm

Moderators: Larry Schmitz and Mark Gilfand


Approved Leadership Workshop Meeting Minutes (PDF - Microsoft Word)

  • Search for a new Association Management Company for AITP (Association VP-President Elect Mike Welch) 

  • Microsoft Technical Communities,, and what they provide Chapters (Bill Riter)

  • Membership Committee News (Vicki Hampton)

  • Answers to your questions on how to find items on  What questions do you or your chapter leaders have?  (Mark Gilfand)

  • The Chapter and Region Support Committee would like to bring back the old "COBs”, or at least some of them. These Chapter Operation Bulletins were very helpful 5-15 page documents that provided guidance for chapters on specific subjects. These documents fell out of date and need to be revised. But it is large task to revise them all. The committee would like input from the chapters on which ones are the most important to tackle. Please review the list below. Be prepared to discuss which ones you would like to have the committee work on first.




    4. Communications Guide for Membership Committee

    5. Chapter Operation Pointers


    7. Be Kind to New Members

    8. Community Activities or Projects

    9. Ideas for Preparing a Chapter Newsletter


    11. Educator’s Night

    12. Guide for Selecting Monthly Meeting Site

    13. Procedure for Installing Chapter Officers

    14. How to Start an AITP Chapter

    15. How to Start an AITP Student Chapter and Coordinate its Operation

    16. How to Present a "Bosses (Executives) Night”

    17. Chapter Records Retention Manual "Turnover” Checklist

    18. Promotion Campaign Ideas

    19. Retention Campaign Ideas

    20. Chapter Organization Procedures

    21. No file found

    22. Chapter Leadership Workshop

    23. Hosting An Exposition

    24. How To Conduct A Student Programming Contest

    25. How To Get Publicity For Your Chapter

    26. How To Organize A Chapter Speakers Bureau

    27. Sponsoring A Junior Achievement Data Processing Company

    28. AITP-Scout Computers Merit Badge Program

    29. Committee Chairman Turnover Procedures

    You should be able to view all the old COBs at:

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