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RHT/AITP Scholarships
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Robert Half Technology/AITP Scholarships


Sadly, due to the cumulative lack of applicants over the years for this scholarship opportunity and a desire to pursue IT opportunities with more exposure to the profession, RHT has opted to discontinue this program for 2015.


For the past MANY years, Robert Half Technology and the Association of Information Technology Professionals (AITP) offered two $2,500 scholarships to two outstanding AITP Student Members pursuing studies in Information Technology. The scholarships awarded were based on demonstrated academic achievement, leadership activities, community service and future career interests.

TWO $2,500 scholarship winners were announced during the 2014 AITP National Collegiate Conference at the Omni Hotel at the CNN Center in Atlanta. Applications were emailed to and included "RHT Scholarship" in the subject line. An official academic transcript is required in addition to a completed application.

2014 RHT/AITP Scholarship Winners are:

Osler "Kendall" Moore (University of Southern Mississippi)

At age 6, I was diagnosed with ADHD, a tic disorder exacerbated by medication, Asperger's disorder (provisional), a history of auditory processing deficits, and challenges with pragmatic language, motor skills, attention, and vigilance.  According to my doctor, I did not fit into an identified condition.  I worked very, very hard, starting with an experimental video game learning environment that led to my improving my language skills by two years in eight weeks.  (That helped fuel a desire to be a computer programmer and designer.) With the help of God and a lot of caring people, I continue to overcome those challenges.  I am a mosaic of so many people who believed in me and who invested in me, and it is my earnest desire to be worthy of their investment.  Now, as a new member of AITP, I am both stunned and delighted to be named a recipient of the Robert Half Technology Scholarship, for which I am most grateful.  I recognize the trust you have placed in me, and both AITP and RHT have set large tiles into the mosaic of my life.  My topic for my senior honors thesis is "Procedural Content Generation:  Using Artificial Intelligence to Generate Playable Contents.”  I hope to work with the OUYA microconsole and the UNITY programming language, and I expect my research to lead to the development of a playable video game.  Thanks to you, I now have the funds to pursue my thesis.

 Mary Elizabeth "Liz" Ulam (Texas State University)

Thank you Robert Half Technology and AITP for choosing me as one of this year’s recipients of this prestigious scholarship! This award has significantly decreased my financial burden for my senior year and I am thrilled to be able to represent Texas State AITP with it. Since I began my journey with AITP three years ago, I have really seen myself grow and begin to transition from student to IT professional. The opportunities AITP has presented to me, such as this scholarship, have really benefited my college career and motivated me to increase our membership and share this amazing experience with others. Words cannot express my love and respect for this organization. I plan to serve as a professional member beyond my college years and continue to make positive impacts on AITP student members. Once again, thank you Robert Half Technology and AITP for this scholarship! I look forward to next year’s conference.

2013 RHT/AITP Scholarship Winners are:

Raymond Levesque (Georgia Gwinnett College)

I'm ecstatic to be one of this years recipients of this prestigious scholarship among so many other exceptional peers. This is my first year of involvement in AITP, and my experience has been wonderful and filled me with the desire to do more. The Robert Half Technology Scholarship has offered me an amazing opportunity to continue my education without financial worry and to continue and increase my involvement in It Organizations like AITP, UPE, and my school campus Technology Ambassador Program.  I'm look forward to next years conference and a long and close relationship with AITP and Robert Half Technologies. Thank you so much for this amazing reward.

Arielle Kohler (Ferris State University)

Thank you to Robert Half Technology and the AITP. I am truly honored to have won this prestigious scholarship. I will not only be able to devote more time to commit to my fellow students and community, but I will also be able to take a couple of courses that I otherwise would not be able to take. The financial burden of my senior year is now lessened, thanks to this generous scholarship. I am extremely proud to represent Ferris State University with this scholarship. Thank you to both Robert Half Technology and AITP for helping me achieve my goals, finish my degree, and spend more time being involved with what I love - Ferris State University's AITP student chapter! I plan to help recruit more members to AITP whenever I can, because of what an amazing impact AITP has had on my life, not just my college career. I cannot wait to be a professional member of AITP and hopefully assist with NCC and region conferences! Once again, thank you to Robert Half Technology and AITP!

2012 Winners:

  • Rebecca Duxler (Illinois State University)
    • I feel extremely honored to receive this very prestigious award from Robert Half Technologies and AITP. This award reduces the financial burden and stress of college tuition, allows me to focus more on my studies, and I can be more involved in serving as an officer for Illinois State University's new and growing student AITP organization. I have been very active in the AITP student chapter since the club was first founded and aspire to continue a long-lasting legacy. I am excited to see next year what AITP has to offer at the national level. I will continue to rally support from the student club to raise enough money to send representatives to attend the 2013 NCC. Being a part of this organization has encouraged me to enhance my leadership skills and has helped me gain a greater knowledge of IT through networking, informational speakers, and much more. I plan on utilizing these skills to help establish my career in the IT field. I would like to thank Robert Half Technologies and AITP for sponsoring this award and for giving me this incredible opportunity. I look forward to encouraging and motivating other IT students to participate in this wonderful organization and share my passion with everyone involved in IT.
  • Marcus Guidry (Kennesaw State University)
    • "I want to express my sincere thanks and gratitude to both Robert Half Technology and AITP for selecting me as one of the two finalists for this prestigious national scholarship award. I am honored and humbled to be a recipient, and to represent Kennesaw State and the state of Georgia. Robert Half Technology is committed to helping students to reach their goals and value their education as the building blocks for their future. Thanks to RHT, I will be able to finish my degree in Information Security. I have been actively involved in AITP for 5 years now, serving in the capacities of chapter president and Student Leadership Council (SLC) for Region 7. I am still passionate about reaching out to students and inspiring them to reach their career goals. I'm also equally passionate about giving back to the community by helping other non-profit organizations with their technical needs. AITP has done many great things to help me in my career path (including helping me with landing my first IT job), so I always take pleasure in giving back to this organization. AITP has also taught me technical and leadership skills, both which are needed in order to be successful in the real world. I would strongly encourage anyone interested in an IT-related field to join AITP and take advantage of the wealth of resources the organization has to offer. I look forward to helping and contributing to AITP in the years to come."



What is the scholarship award?
Two recipients will each receive an award of $2,500, to be applied toward future tuition expenses and fees at an accredited institution in the United States.

Who is eligible to apply?

  • Applicants must meet all of the following criteria:
    A declared computer science/CIS/MIS/IT major (this must be indicated on your transcript) with an overall and major GPA of at least 3.0 on a 4.0 scale (or equivalent).
  • A student who has satisfactorily completed at least one full semester of college (12 semester hours or equivalent)
  • Enrolled as a full-time (12 semester hours or equivalent) undergraduate or graduate student at an accredited institution in the United States.
  • A U.S. Citizen or U.S. Permanent Resident
  • An an AITP student member.

How do I apply?

To be considered for the scholarship, applicants are asked to submit the following:

  • A completed application form.  Click HERE for the the form which opens in Word.
  • Official transcripts from all undergraduate and/or graduate schools attended. You must request that the registrar of your school send them directly to AITP. Many schools assess a nominal service charge to send official transcripts, which will be the responsibility of the applicant.

When is the application deadline?

  • The deadline for all applications is February 25 (extended to March 4)
  • The official transcripts must be received by by March 8 . We will not accept student copies or other unofficial transcripts, or transcripts that arrive after this date.
  • AITP cannot process incomplete applications and will not be responsible for materials that are lost or delayed in the mail.

Where do I send my application materials?

Please email your completed application to (please read the application for detailed rules and instructions).

Your official academic transcripts should be mailed to:

RHT/AITP Scholarship
c/o: Kevin Jetton
2607 Rim Oak
San Antonio, TX 78232

How will the recipients be chosen?

A Scholarship Selection Committee comprised of AITP and Robert Half Technology representatives will select the recipients based upon their outstanding academic achievement, leadership and future career interests. AITP cannot process any incomplete applications and cannot be responsible for materials that are lost or delayed in the mail. This scholarship program does not discriminate against students on the basis of sex, race, color, age, disability, religion, sexual orientation or national and ethnic origin in the selection of students.

When will the scholarships be awarded?

The scholarship winners will be announced and presented at the AITP National Collegiate Conference Friday morning (3/30/2012) during the RHT Keynote Panel in San Antonio, Texas. You do not need to be present to be eligible for the award but it is strongly recommended that you do plan to attend the conference if you are declared a finalist to receive the award.

The monetary award will be sent directly to the school for credit to the account of the student recipient, to be applied toward future tuition expenses and fees at an accredited institution in the United States. You do not need to be present at the conference awards banquet to be eligible for the award.

How will the scholarship be paid?

  • Awards are made for the academic year following the application.
  • The scholarship is non-renewable.
  • The monetary award will be sent directly to the school for credit to the account of the student recipient, to be applied toward future tuition expenses and fees at an accredited institution in the United States.
  • Robert Half Technology and AITP may request additional information from the recipients to meet government and tax requirements.
  • Robert Half Technology and AITP have your permission to use your name and/or picture in advertising and sales promotion materials or any advertising media without compensation to you.

How can I find out about AITP student membership?

Click here for Details and options to become a student member of AITP

AITP student members enjoy access to the highest quality IT educational opportunities, conferences, events, contests, scholarship opportunities and forums for networking with experienced professionals and those new to the field.


Past Scholarship Winners:


2011 Robert Half Technology/AITP Scholarship Winners:

Michelle Benz - Fox Valley Technical College
"I want to thank AITP and Robert Half Technology for sponsoring and funding this scholarship for AITP student members. Since becoming involved in AITP, doors have continually been opened to me that would have stayed closed otherwise. AITP is a wonderful organization, and has been an integral part of my success as a student and a leader, both on campus and in my personal life. As one of this year’s recipients of the Robert Half Technology / AITP Scholarship, I wish to express my thanks to you and Robert Half Technology for your generosity. I am honored to receive this prestigious national award. I appreciate your confidence in me, and your willingness to contribute to my education. Receiving this scholarship will greatly reduce the financial burdens of pursuing degrees in Information Technology at Fox Valley Technical College. Again, thank you for investing in my future."

Aristide Niyungeko - La Roche College
"I was greatly honored to receive the RHT/AITP scholarship for the 2011 edition of the National Collegiate Conference. I am very grateful towards both RHT and AITP for providing this opportunity. I am also humbled that the selection committee chose me to receive the award. I have benefited greatly from my involvement with the La Roche College chapter of AITP throughout the last three years. I have had the opportunity to participate as a member in various activities. I also have served as the chapter president in my junior year. Overall these experiences allowed to me to gain increased acquaintance with the realities of being an information technology professional, and to develop new skills along the way. NCC 2011 was also a great experience that gave me and my colleagues from La Roche College the opportunity to participate in the Web Application contest, access certification tests from Microsoft, and network with recruiters. The scholarship award will assist me to pay for my education expenses for my senior year and prepare to enroll in graduate school next year. I thank RHT and AITP again for this opportunity"


2010 Robert Half Technology/AITP Scholarship Winners:

Jacqueline Cossairt, Ferris State University
"I am honored to receive the RHT/AITP Scholarship and am very grateful as it will greatly assist in the pursuance of my degree in Computer Information Systems at Ferris State University. Not only being a member of my university's AITP organization but being the Web Design Committee Team Leader has benefited me greatly as a student. It has not only allowed me to gain valuable experience but has allowed me to network with other students pursuing IT degrees, professors, employers and their employees. The experience I have gained and the acquaintances I have made through AITP have helped me obtain my internship for this summer. I would highly recommend that all students pursuing an IT related degrees join AITP as it is equally important to network and gain experience as it is to gain knowledge from course work."

Pallavi Laxane, Texas Tech University
"Thank you very much for selecting me as one of the recipients of the RHT/AITP Scholarship Award for the year 2010. I am very humbled and extremely grateful that the RHT/AITP Scholarship Committee found me competent for this prestigious and competitive award. My association with AITP as the chapter President and an officer in the last three years has been a truly enriching and learning experience. The national conferences always provided an excellent platform to network with other IT professionals and students as well as stay at par with the cutting edge development in the IT industry. I am really privileged to be recognized by Robert Half Technology and AITP for my involvement in the organizational activities and it is my great honor to accept this esteemed scholarship award. I will definitely strive to give justice to it through my education and active participation and put it to good use. Again, I sincerely appreciate this scholarship program and I am very thankful to receive it.”


2009 Robert Half Technology/AITP $2,500 Scholarship Winners:

Stephanie Semmel, Purdue University
I am so grateful to be selected by Robert Half Technology and AITP as one of this year's scholarship recipients. I am very honored to be a member of AITP and I am humbled to have been recognized by both this amazing association and the Robert Half Technology. My involvement with AITP at my chapter's level has been hard work, yet enjoyable and rewarding as this scholarship proves. Attending the National Collegiate Conferences has been a highlight of each year I have come and I am proud that AITP is continuing to support and train tomorrow's IT leaders. Thanks again, Robert Half Technology and AITP! Thank you again so much; I am extremely grateful. I'm also looking forward to next year's NCC!

Mitch Paschen, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
"Thank you to Robert Half Technology and AITP for helping me to pursue my higher education. I have been an AITP member since my freshman year of college, and have slowly moved up the ranks to now be president of our chapter. It is a great honor to be one of only two people in AITP to receive this award. AITP has helped show me aspects of business that I could never learn in the classroom such as business networking. Inviting speakers during our meetings gave me a chance to talk to people in the IT work force and get a feel for what it is like. AITP has helped me prepare for the interviews that have landed me my summer internship in Washington DC. I have heard Robert Half speak at several meetings and in fact, it was one of their representatives that encouraged me to apply for this scholarship in the first place. I have enjoyed being an AITP member and will continue to do so. Again, I would like to thank AITP for working with Robert Half Technologies to help further my education."


2008 Robert Half Technology/AITP $2,500 Scholarship Winners:

Grant Newman, Central Michigan University
As a three-year member of AITP it is an incredible honor to be selected for a Robert Half Technology/AITP scholarship award. Not only is this an incredible blessing towards my tuition, but it is also a great opportunity for me to share my positive experiences in AITP with current and potential members back here on the campus of Central Michigan University; proof and encouragement that working hard and pouring into AITP is a rewarding commitment. I have grown immensely as a student and future professional through my involvement with AITP and I can't wait to use this scholarship to the fullest extent during my last semesters at CMU. Thank you Robert Half Technology and AITP!

Michael Koehler, Delta State University
Words cannot express how it feels to be one of only two people selected to receive the 2008 Robert Half Technology/AITP scholarship. It's a tremendous honor to be recognized by such prominent organizations. The generosity and commitment they show toward students is absolutely incredible, and the opportunities they provide for students like me to interact and network with other IT professionals can't be beaten. The past few years with AITP has helped me develop professionally, and reinforced my dedication to the ideals of scholastic achievement and personal integrity. With only a year left in my undergraduate career, I'm looking forward to becoming a professional member of AITP and giving back to the next generation of information technology professionals. Thanks again, Robert Half Technology and AITP!


2007 Robert Half Technology/AITP $2,500 Scholarship Winners:

Daniel Fowler, Tarleton State University
First off, thank you Robert Half Technology and AITP for forming the alliance and hosting the national conference which gives a chance for future IT professionals like myself to demonstrate our skills and network with current IT professionals. The RHT scholarship will help reduce the increasing cost of tuition and reminds me that IT professionals like RHT are aware of our efforts in continuing our professional development through organizations such as AITP. I will continue to be a part of AITP as a professional member and I look forward to working for an organization that gives back such as RHT. Thank you!

James Conley, Gateway Technical College
I would like to take the time to thank Robert Half Technology and the Association of Information Technology Professionals for awarding me the 2007 RHT/AITP scholarship award. It means so much to me in furthering my education. It feels good to know that if you put in hard work and dedication that someone will recognize your efforts. The scholarship leaves me rejuvenated and motivated to achieve excellence. The AITP National Collegiate Conference was great as always, it really helps to network and get the latest technology and information form AITP members. I want to give a personal Thank You to Katherine Spencer Lee, Kevin Jetton, Gateway Technical College, my friends and family for supporting me and making my journey back to college an experience of a life time. I spent 18 years in the automotive industry until my job was shipped overseas. Going back to college was a big decision for me at the age of forty. I wanted a career and not just a dead end job. I can not find the words to express the gratitude and appreciation that I feel by receiving this scholarship. I hope one day that I can reach and guide a child, student, adult, dislocated worker or anyone that needs encouragement and support when they get ready to reach for excellence! p.s. AITP Member for Life!

2006 Robert Half Technology/AITP $2,500 Scholarship Winners:

Gary "Tim" Bondurant, University of Redlands
"It meant a great deal to me to be recognized by my AITP peers and the working professionals of Robert Half Technology. An incredible confidence comes from knowing that you are supported by your colleagues in the industry. Thank you so very much."

Michael Knudson, Texas A&M University
"I'm extremely proud to be one of only two recipients in the nation to receive the Robert Half Technology/AITP scholarship. It made me realize how important AITP is as an organization of information technology professionals willing to help out students. This generous scholarship has allowed me to focus on being active in my campus student chapter of AITP, rather than having to get a part time job to help pay for tuition. AITP is great way for students to bridge the classroom experience with the real world of companies and their recruiters.”


2005 Robert Half Technology/AITP $2,500 Scholarship Winners:

Winston Aaron Kotzam, Purdue University

Lindsay Alexandrea Mannchen, Univ. of Maryland Baltimore County

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