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COPA Recipients
Website Updates
Membership Engagement Article
Recruitment Follow Up
AITP Financial Playbook

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 7/15: ROCA Selection Due

AITP Board of Directors Meeting 

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COPA Recipients

The2013 Award Year COPA Recipients​have been announced!The Professional Awards Committee announced 21 recipients who are all fine examples of the dedication and successful workit takes to becoming well-rounded chapters. Region Presidents have been notified of the winning chapters in their region and their selection is due toawards@aitp.orgby July 15, 2014.

Website Updates

AITP has made a few website updates to the Chapter Leaders Group and the supporting pages. Please refer to the Chapter Leaders Group to find more information on marketing materials available, videos on how you can set up chapter calendar events and create custom pages and please utilize the group forums for discussions on what your chapter is doing. To find this group login to your AITP membership account and from the right hand rail select "Groups", then select "Professional Chapter Leaders Group".

Also if you have a particular interest in Security, Programming or Mobile Applications be sure to check out the member forums to learn more and participate in the discussion. Additional forums will be added as time and interest permits.

Membership Engagement Article

​How are you engaging​all​your chapter's members? Is your chapter utilizing social media to keep members informed and pique the interest of potential members? Is your chapter struggling to find volunteers for positions?

As Baby Boomers retire, associations will need to adapt to the changes of a younger generation to continue their growth. This helpful white paper onMastering Millennialswill help you understand how to tap into the generation that is more than three-times the size of Generation X. 

Key takeaways from this white paper is understanding that while your generation might prefer to receive information in the mail or by telephone, Millenials choose to receive information digitally, mostly through websites and social media so using these platforms and updating with current information is essential. Most millenials have a heavy financial burden but want to join communities so consider offering free or discounted attendance at an event. Also, be willing to ask for new input, advice and ideas from the Millenials and follow it.

Additionally in the coming weeks you will be receiving Membership & Marketing tips on how you can connect and engage your current and prospective members and information on a national membership campaign.

Recruitment Follow Up

​​AITP Board of Directors recruitment is over and thank you for everyone who submitted candidate materials. Be on the lookout for an email regarding a webinar on meeting the candidates that will happen in late summer.

AITP Financial Responsibilities Playbook

The AITP Financial Responsibilities Playbook is for professional chapters and included specific information on establishing budgets for the chapter, IRS requirements, insurance information and more.You can find the Financial Responsibilities Playbook and all other supporting documents on the Chapter Financials page.


AITP Headquarters

15000 Commerce Parkway, Suite C, Mount Laurel, NJ 08054
Phone: 1.800.224.9371 or 856.380.6910Fax: 856.439.0525Email: aitp_hq@aitp.org

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