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You “really” do not want to miss the 2015 AITP NCC Event!

Does YOUR organization want to attract the Nation’s Top IT Students?

National AITP Board of Directors Meeting on March 18th at 3 pm ET– Members Welcome!

Job Opportunities List at the 2015 AITP NCC

Revenue Sharing Opportunity for AITP Professional Chapters

AITP Leadership Questionnaire

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AITP Professional Chapters IRS Webinar Presentation Recording

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3/31:AITPIndividual Performance Award (IPA) Documentation Due

4/13-4/14:Region5 Spring 2015 Meeting

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You “really” do not want to miss the 2015 AITP NCC Event!

By Kevin Jetton, Texas State University &AITP NCC Director

Having been a part of the AITP National Collegiate Conference and Career Fair for every single of its’ 20 years – this year’s event is shaping up to be truly one of the BEST ever and I say that honestly! Every year is unique of course and the closest event on par with 2015 is back in 2007 in downtown Detroit when we had GM cars, a Dell GamingZoneand the Microsoft Technology bus and were hosted by Central Michigan University. Ironically while in Detroit that year, it was also WrestleMania 23 weekend complete with a competing meet-n-greet event at the hotel with massive lines of fans too!

Why I say all this – the New, Cool and Innovative things planned for the the2015 AITP NCC event includes:

  • Debut of the “AITP NCC Fun Crew” (University of Iowa co-hosting AITP student chapter)
  • Thursday welcome reception with “Tailgate stylefood
  • Union Pacific is literally all over the event as a presenting sponsor which is why Friday 3/27/2015 has been declared “2015 AITP NCC UPDay”
    • Friday morning CIO panel discussion and a PLATED Breakfast (not a mere continental breakfast as in years past)
    • The UP Zone with 9actionpackedinteractive stations to experience
    • A Friday afternoon good old fashioned Ice Cream social in the UP Zone
  • Friday “We Don’t Coast” luncheon co-sponsored by the Greater Omaha Chamber featuring the MANY IT career opportunities in the Midwest with a mini-keynote session by Dr. Mike McGinnis, Brig. General (Retired) on “Effective Leadership in High-TechOrganizations”
  • Friday night “We Don’t Coast” student mixer and post-contest stress relief zone at the nearby “Blatt Beer and Table” co-sponsored by the Greater Omaha Chamber and will have both DJ entertainment and prizes!
  • The largest line-up of contest events with a record 14 contest events spread between Thursday, Friday and Saturday ALL of which are your chance to shine and prove to the nation your IT skills, enhance your “street cred” and position for the absolute best job opportunities perhaps with a coveted “front of the candidate line pass”!
  • Onsite Certification opportunities from both COMMON and ICCPThe largest line-up of sponsors and exhibitors in years with an estimated 300+ open IT positions to fill with interns and new-hires that are looking for YOU and have an opportunity to interview you and offer you a position “on the spot”!
    • Presenting Sponsors:
    Union Pacific, State Farm
    • Contest Sponsors:
    IBM, TD Ameritrade
    • Participating Sponsors:
    Google, Foundation for IT Education, USAA, Progressive Insurance, Omaha Greater Chamber, Physicians Mutual Insurance Company
    • Certification Sponsors:
    • Exhibitors:
    Cerner, FBI, Kiewit Corporation, CSG International, Nebraska Methodist Health System, Hayneedle,McCallieAssociates, Mutual of Omaha, Omaha Public Power District,California University of Pennsylvania

  • The celebration of the 20thanniversary of the AITP National Collegiate Conference and Career Fair at the closing awards banquet Saturday night along with the highly-anticipated announcements of ALL the contest winners!
  • The anticipation of the return of the AITP NCC event to Chicago in 2016 in Rosemont (near O’Hare airport). The last time we were in the Chicagoland area was 2001 when we still bussed competitors to area college/university campus and had an infamous “Diet Coke truck driver” situation along with a bus driver that broke the key to the bus ignition switch in the lock while parked in the DeVry Chicago campus parking lot

So far, over 500 IT students and faculty have registered for the event in Omaha so don’t be left out!

See……I’m not kidding for saying that you really don’t want to miss the 2015 AITP NCC and Career Fair – so check out all the information at and register NOW!


In addition to our Career Center, AITP has another opportunity for your organization to reach the nation’s top IT college and university students…by being an exhibitor/sponsor of the20th Annual AITP National Collegiate Conference (NCC) and Career Fair!


This year’s AITP NCC is being held March 26-29, 2015 at the CenturyLink Center in downtown Omaha, Nebraska.The AITP NCC attracts over 600 IT students and faculty from over 60 different colleges and universities across the country, plus industry professionals.AITP NCC attendees typically major in Computer Science or Business concentrating in Computer Information Systems, Computer Programming & Design, Information Technology or Information Systems with programer/developer skills, including but not limited to Java, .net, web, business analytics, visual studio, system analysis & design, security, data analytics, networking, data communications, desktop support, help desk and more.


Consider joining these organizations that have already committed to sponsor and/or exhibit at the 2015 AITP NCC Event in Omaha:

  • Presenting Sponsors:
Union Pacific, State Farm
  • Contest Sponsors:
IBM, TD Ameritrade
  • Participating Sponsors:
Google, Foundation for IT Education, USAA, Progressive Insurance, Omaha Greater Chamber, Physicians Mutual Insurance Company
  • Certification Sponsors:
  • Exhibitors:
Cerner, FBI, Kiewit Corporation, CSG International, Nebraska Methodist Health System, Hayneedle,McCallieAssociates, Mutual of Omaha, Omaha Public Power District,California University of Pennsylvania


    AITP looks forward to showcasing your organization to tomorrow's IT professionals! Click here to view the AITP NCC sponsor & exhibitor opportunities or visit for more information.

    We hope that your organization will be represented in Omaha for this great event!

    National AITP Board of Directors Meeting onMarch 18th at 3 pm ET– Members Welcome!
    All AITP members are invited to participate in the upcoming national AITP Board of Directors meeting, which is being heldWednesday, March 18, 2015 at 3:00 pm ET.

    AITP members need to 
    register online, then the GoToWebinar details for the meeting will be emailed to you automatically.

    The national AITP Board of Directors meetings are held monthly and open to all members. At the beginning of each meeting, there is an open forum where guests are able to express their comments/concerns. The AITP Board is elected by members and always appreciates receiving feedback, as well as any ideas to add value to your AITP membership.

    We hope you that will participate in this and future AITP Board meetings!

    Job Opportunities List at the 2015 AITP NCC
    As you’ve heard, the AITP National Collegiate Conference and Career Fair if fast approaching and will be held March 26-29, 2015in Omaha, NE. This year AITP is really trying to focus on the career fair aspect of the conference to help its student members find a job in the IT field.

    To get the students and exhibiting/sponsoring companies more engaged, AITP will be distributing a Job Opportunities List to the 500+ students attending this year’s AITP NCC. This list will showcase open positions the AITP NCC exhibiting/sponsoring companies have available to the eager AITP student members seeking employment. AITP knows that its student members are able to fill a company’s employment needs, and want to assist them in their search.

    Click here for more information about this year's AITP NCC.

    Revenue Sharing Opportunity for AITP Professional Chapters

    The AITP Board of Directors has as part of their mission the expansion and improvement of the benefits available to AITP members. One of the ways of doing this involves the development of non-dues revenue to fund programs, provide services, and expand the reach and influence of AITP.

    The AITP Partners & Affiliates Committee has been asked to spearhead this effort, and we need your help! The committee is actively involved in analyzing ways and means of attracting investment from people and organizations outside of AITP.

    As part of this initiative,AITP leadership is willing to share the funds generated with chapters that are actively and intimately involved in developing non-dues revenue.

    As an example, if a member or members of a chapter solicit, nurture, and formalize a relationship and agreement with a third party that results in new, non-dues revenue for AITP, the chapter would receive 25% of the funds realized from that signed agreement. So if XYZ company agrees to pay $5,000 to AITP in exchange for certain opportunities to market its goods or services to members, as spelled out in a signed contract, then the sponsoring chapter would be awarded $1,250 as a result of the relationship.

    This is a win-win-win for the chapter, AITP, and all of our members!

    For more information about how to get started on this important initiative, please contact the AITP Partners & Affiliates Committee at

    The committee looks forward to working with you to generate funds that will enable AITP to grow, strengthen, and enjoy greater success as the premiere national organization serving IT professionals!We can also use volunteers for our committee who would like to interface with some of our potential corporate sponsors.

    AITP Partners & Affiliates Committee

    AITP Leadership Questionnaire

    Ok, we have a few questions for you to answer:

    • Are you seen as a leader among your peers?
    • Does being a leader excite you?
    • Do you have a satisfaction in meeting your goals on time?
    • Do you feel that you have the makings of an industry leader?
    • Would you accept the responsibility of becoming an industry leader?
    • Do you fit the mold of people giving you more work because they know you’re busy and can get the job done?

    If you had a positive response to at least three of the above questions there may be a rewarding assignment for you as a member of the AITP Board of Directors for 2016.


    AITP Board members are elected for a two year term, with the following exceptions which exist on the Executive Committee:

    • Secretary is a 1 year term
    • Treasurer is a 1 year term
    • President Elect is a 1 year term, but it is actually for 3 years – this position becomes the President the next year and the Past President the following year. Members who are candidates for the Executive Committee should have served on the AITP Board for 1 year either currently or in the past.

    If you want to be known as a leader in the Information Technology industry, then these AITP Board position are something you can attain.


    As part of this request for your involvement as an AITP Board member, please be sure toread the candidate guidelines and frequently asked questions.


    Should you have other questions, please contact me, your ARC Chair, at


    Thank you for your time and hope to see several qualified candidates who will help AITP prosper in 2016 and beyond.

    Alan Strong, CDP
    AITP ARC Chair 2015

    On Demand Membership Reports

    Your chapter's membership report is now available on demand! The membership report that was emailed monthly is now broken up into two reports.

    The report titled Current and Grace Period Members includes all those members of your chapter that are current in their membership or they haveexpiredbut they are still within their60 daygrace period to renew. The report titled Expired Members includes those members of your chapter that have been expired for more than 60 days and not renewed their membership.

    You will see an additional column of "Member/Non-Member - Date Subaccount Membership Effectively Expires" this is where the expiration date for any Enterprise Members in your chapter will be listed.

    You can reach your chapter's membership reports by using the following steps:
    1. Sign into your AITP membership accounton
    2. From the orange box select "Groups" and then your chapter.
    3. On the new screen in orange writing select "Group Admin Options" .
    4. Under the "Reporting" select "Available Reports".
    5. Select "View Report" next to the title of the report you would like to view.
    This will bring your report upon tothe screen. You can resort the report by clicking on the column titles. You also have the option to download your chapter's membership report to Excel by selecting "Export this report in CSV format". Then you will see a popup allowing you to download the report into Excel, and format as you would like.
    Going forward membership reports will not be sent from AITP headquarters unless specifically requested.

    AITP Professional Chapters IRS Webinar Presentation& Recording

    AITP headquarters recently held awebinaron February 10, 2015 to inform professional chapter leaders about theirIRStax exemptstatus obligations.

    To view/download theIRSupdate presentation, click hereFor future reference, the presentation and a link to the audio recording will be available in the AITP professional chapters leaders only section of the website.

    Thewebinarwas presented by Amy Williams (Senior Director at Association Headquarters) who helped leaders better understand theIRSrequirements related to their AITP professional chapter. Amy is happy to answer any questions the AITP professional chapters mayhave,and can be reached at

    AITP Headquarters
    1120 Route 73, Ste. 200, Mount Laurel, NJ 08054-5113
    Phone: 1.800.224.9371 or 856.380.6910Fax: 856.439.0525Email:

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