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August 2014

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To help makeInformation Executive(IE)more topic specific and to make you more knowledgeable about an area of IT, please send potential articles toieeditor@aitp.orgby the article deadline below.

Database Design - Last day for articles September 26, 2014

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Featured Article: Mobile & Application Development

One of the most fast paced new trends in the technology industry is mobile and applications development. A few years ago would you have thought your smart phone could track your fitness and nutrition throughout the day, alert you if the smoke alarm in your house went off or track your shopping habits? How about being secure enough to use your fingerprint as a password or help applications “think” with suggestion information based on your question? For example if you ask what are the best parks in a particular area it will search and sort by your previous habits such as a more strenuous trail if you are likely to go hiking or a children’s area if you have searched for activities for children.

With fierce competition from other developers this space will continue to improve the mobile processing speed and design to meet the consumers ever-changing need for information. See all of the Mobile Development Trends for 2014 inthis articlewritten by IT Business Edge.

If you and your company do not want to get left behind then your next question should be, togo in-house for app development or not? In an interesting article written by Patrick Gray of TechRepublic he analyzes several key points to think about when staying in-house or not. If you decide that you want to build in-house, Heather Clancy of ZDNet wrote a helpful article oncode-free mobile application development resources for small businesses. She researched several resources for various platforms that would fit the needs for most small businesses.


Do you prefer to develop your own app? Then be sure to check out the Android,
Microsoft and Apple development resources to get started and learn how to develop an app. If you are interested in developing an Apple application check out the free Apple Swift ebook on the AITP forums. Other resources to get you started include Appsee which is an interactive invisible app to see how users engage with what you have developed, the HTTP Status Code Cheat Sheet prepared by ComputerWorld and this interactive infographic (left) on How Long Does It Take To Build a Moble App along with an app cost estimator from Kinvey.

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Association News:

Please join us for a"Meet the Candidate"webinar on Tuesday, August 26th at 2:00 pm CT/ 3:00 pm ET to hear the candidates and ask questions. In case you missed the 2015 Association Officers and Directors for 2015 be sure to see the2015 AITP Candidates event.

Congratulations to all of the AITP Professional Chapters who have been won the Region Outstanding Chapter Award (ROCA)! See the Twin City Chapter'sarticleand remarks on the award.

Congratulations to all of the Student Chapter Outstanding Performance Award winners and to all of the Student Individual Performance Award winners! For a full list of the winners see theSCOPA & SIPA Winners article.

Would you like to nominate someone who has made outstanding contributions through distinguished services? Nominate them for the
Distinguished Information Sciences Award (DISA). All information can be found on theProfessional Awardspage and nominations are due by November 30, 2014.

AITP Headquarters Has Moved!
Please note that as of August 11, 2014 AITP Headquarters has a new mailing address but all other contact information has remained the same. If you have any questions please contact us at, 1-800-224-9371 or at 856-380-6910.

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Member News:

Happy Milestone Anniversary to members forJune 2014andJuly 2014, thank you for being dedicated AITP members! Also, welcome to AITP's newest members fromJuly 2014!

Membership Discounts
Did you know AITP offersUnemployed,Student to Professional (S2P)andSeniormembership discounts?

The Unemployed member discount is for AITP members who have previously been employed full-time as an IT professional and are currently unemployed in the IT field.

The S2P discount is for AITP student members who have graduated within the last 3 years and who have transitioned to a professional chapter.

The Senior membership is for any AITP member who has retired at the age of 60 or has become totally disabled in addition to having at least 10 years of AITP membership with the last 5 being consecutive.

AITP also offers oneFaculty Advisordiscountper AITP student chapter.

For more information on these discounts and to apply please see the
Professional Membership Discountpage.

SignUp 2014: Earn $25 Per New AITP Professional Member and Help Grow Your Chapter
We're happy to announce the AITP membership drive with SignUp 2014, a contest giving you a great chance to earn prizes for yourself and for your chapter simply by referring friends and colleagues to become an AITP member.From now until December 15, 2014 visit thecontest web pageand enter the email addresses of contacts who you know would benefit from the career-advancing benefits of AITP membership.

AITP Headquarters is also working with the AITP Board of Directors on several lapsed and prospect member email campaigns that have just started the beginning of July. These email campaigns have been implemented to grow AITP membership with contacting the lapsed and prospective members.
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Chapter News:

Congratulations to the recent Mile High Chapter's scholarship winners who received their awards during theMile High Scholarship Night! This night brought together professional and student members as well as Past Mile High Chapter Presidents that are pictured to the left (L to R):Elaine Miller, Bill Stegan, Pat Curtis-Jiwani, Randy Storm, Leonard Kopec, CDP, and Bill Gillette.

Be sure to partake in your local chapter's events to gain a greater understanding of news within the IT industry, network and even help others like the Northeastern Wisconsin Chapter did with their golf outing to raise money for AITP student-member scholarships. See Region 5 President Larry Schmitz's full synopsis of the event,We Had Fun.

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Partners & Affiliates News:

AITP's Partner Microsoft also has a scholarship available for AITP's female members pursing graduate studies. This scholarship is a one-year program accepting applications until October 17, 2014. For more information see theMicrosoft Graduate Women's Scholarship Programhomepage.

TheSociety for Information Management(SIM) offers AITP members a discount on reports created by SIM'sAdvanced Practices Council(APC), SIM's research-based program for senior IT executives. Instead of the non-SIM member price of $49.95, AITP members can download each report for $29.95. To download the reports at the discounted price, visit SIM'sOnline Storeand enter the promo codeAITP-APCwhen promoted.Reports now available for download are:

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