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March 26-29, 2015:NCC

April 10-12, 2015:Ball State IS Competition


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The New Nanosecond

The Newsletter of Student Chapters for AITP

Welcome to the new Nanosecond which is a reincarnation of the Original Student Newsletter printed many years ago. We have decided to bring it back in order to keep our student chapters informed with what is going on with all student chapters and to showcase ideas, papers, and activities from around the student world of AITP.

This is your newsletter and as such we are looking for content from all of the student chapters. So if you have an idea for fund raising, meetings, speakers, other activities, or anything you think other chapters would be interested in please send them intostudentdev@aitp.organd we will make sure they are in future releases of the Nanosecond.

YOU are invited to the 20th anniversary Celebration of theAITP National Collegiate Conference March 26-29, 2015 in Omaha!

By Kevin Jetton, AITP NCC Director
“Return to Omaha – A Winning Tradition

It is hard to believe that soon we will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of the AITP National Collegiate Conference in Omaha this coming spring in Omaha, Nebraska March 26-29, 2015 at the exact same facilities as the 2004 AITP NCC was held in a few years back (like 10 years ago but it seems like only yesterday). Back in 2004, we were the very first group to stay at the then brand new Hilton Omaha hotel with a few typical new property opening challenges and the skybridge connecting the hotel to the Convention Center was still under construction.Fast forward to now, the hotel has expanded with even more sleeping rooms and the skybridge is open making it a super easy hotel and convention center facility to navigate back and forth for attendees!

The local committee has already been hard at work planning a huge celebration and one awesome conference in downtown Omaha and I hope YOU and YOUR AITP student chapter are already making plans to attend next spring.The co-hosting AITP chapters for the 2015 AITP NCC include:

AITP Student Chapters & Campuses AITP Professional Chapters-AITP
-Missouri Western State University AITP Chapter -Omaha chapter
-University of Iowa AITP chapter -Cornhusker -AITP chapter (Lincoln, Nebraska)
-Metropolitan Community College
-ITT Technical Institute - Omaha

Some new and innovative social events are being planned so stay tuned for those details but in the meantime, be sure to all the details (hotel, registration fees, logistics, contests, event schedule and more) so as to start planning your crew’s journey to Omaha in the tradition of Lewis & Clark so long ago and in the tradition of the College World Series of Baseball – Winning College IT Teams will return to Omaha ….. the “Road to Omaha” starts now and concludes next spring so start orienting your maps and being charting your course now!

Until the 2015 AITP NCC in Omaha for the 20th anniversary celebration……

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North to Omaha for AITP NCC 2015

By Co-Hosts Missouri Western State University AITP Student Chapter

We are so excited to be co-hosting for the third time in five years! Our students and faculty love to help out and look forward to finding new and exciting ways to make our fellow AITP’ers enjoys an eventful few days in the Mid-West.

One of the NEW events we’ll be hosting is the first annual IT Poster Presentation Session! Friday afternoon of the conference, students will now have an opportunity to “show off” their IT research and projects that theyhave been working on. Our hope is to showcase to recruiters, faculty, students and professionals around the nation your skills, talents and ideas. Stay tuned for the submission, scheduling and materials specifications that are being finalized and will be posted no later than Jan of 2015.

Until NCC time in March of next year – have a great fall semester and we look forward to co-hosting you in Omaha!

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McMurry Students Compete at AITP Region 3 Student Conference

Students from the McMurry Association of Information Technology Professionals (AITP) student chapter attended the AITP Region 3 Student Conference Oct. 2-4 at Cameron University in Lawton, OK.

Overall, the McMurry students placed 4th out of 12 schools with a team of only six students competing against much larger schools with 30-40 students participating. A total of about 180 students participated in the conference contests.
Brandon Blackburn, a sophomore information technology major, placed first in PC troubleshooting by earning one of the top 10 scores on a 100-question exam and then successfully diagnosing and correcting numerous issues that were disabling a desktop PC. He beat the nearest competitor by several minutes.

Brandon later placed second out of about 20 students in the information security scenarios contest after scoring one of the top 10 exam scores and then preparing an executive-level security assessment complete with a detailed system risk diagram. Brandon also placed 2nd out of about 25 teams in the network design contest, developing a detailed executive-level networking solution proposal.

Brittany Houghton, a senior Math major and Computer Science minor, and Victor Mendoza, a sophomore computer science major, teamed up to place 3rd out of about 25 teams in the Java Programming contest. The problem required them to obtain data from a server in order to price a pizza order. Senior computer science majors David Charles and Luis Lopez also competed in the Java Programming.

Brittany and senior marketing major Kim Martinez competed in the Microsoft Office Solution contest with about 30 other teams. The contest problem statement required integration of Microsoft Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and an Access database to produce a desired product for the client.

David Charles also competed in the systems analysis and design contest. He used object-oriented techniques to design a solution for a retail ordering system where some items may be available from current stock and some items may have to be fulfilled and shipped from a warehouse. The system had to generate the customer invoice, a warehouse packing list, and a shipping document, each containing the appropriate information.

In addition, all of the McMurry students attended lectures from industry professionals about internship and job opportunities and heard valuable advice about preparing résumés and interviewing techniques. They also talked with company recruiters from several high-tech companies.

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Updating Student Chapter Officers

Did your student chapter officers change? If so, please email AITP headquarters ataitp_hq@aitp.orgwith the new/updated information so it can be changed on the AITP website.

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2014 Region 5 AITP Student Leadership Summit was a Success!!

By Chris Nimmer, Northeastern Wisconsin (NEW) Chapter

The first-everRegion 5 AITP Student Leadership Summitconvened on September 18, 2014 at the Holiday Inn in Appleton, WI. The Summit was held in conjunction with the Region 5 Board Meeting, and the Northeastern Wisconsin (NEW) Chapter’s Seminars and Dinner Meeting. Presenters from the NEW Chapter were current and past NEW Board membersCarrie Drephal,Maggie Beard, andChris Nimmer.

Attending the Summit were 22 members from various student and professional chapters, as well as leaders from all levels of AITP. The whole two-day experience, including dinner, seminars, hospitality suite, Region Board meeting, and Student Leadership Summit was just $10 for AITP Student members and $20 for AITP Professional members.

Rather than the standard PowerPoint presentation, summit attendees engaged in active discussion on a variety of topics, including the wealth of information contained on the national portal ( for our Student membership, as well as the following agenda items:

  • Organizing Your AITP Student Chapter: Bylaws, Budgets & Meetings
  • Setting Yourself Up for Greatness with Goals for Your Chapter
  • Staying Connected With Your Club: E-mails, Meetings & Archives
  • Getting the Most Out of Your AITP Membership: National Portal, Attend Meetings, Involvement
  • Fundraising: The Ins and Outs to get your Chapter to NCC (National Collegiate Conference)

Students seized the opportunity for open dialogue with Professional members during the event, where networking was stressed as one of AITP’s greatest benefits. Not only did they meet professionals in the industry, but many may have opened the door to a future mentor or employer.

The Northeastern Wisconsin (NEW) Chapter ‘sweetened the pot’ to student attendees by offering two gifts:

  • The first, a $250 incentive check offered to the Student Chapter with the most attendance at the conference, was presented toNorthern Michigan University (NMU).
  • The second, a random drawing for a $250 monetary gift to a student in attendance, was presented toBrandon Collen, also from NMU.

Larry Schmitz, CCP, CMC
, 2014 AITP Region 5 President, summed up the conference nicely when quoted saying "…the content Carrie and company delivered was excellent -- it was not only useful to the students in attendance, it was a real eye opener for many of the professional chapter leaders there who learned a LOT about what they can and should be doing to support their student chapters.”.

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The AITP Lehigh Valley Chapter - 2014 Cybersecurity Summit

On Wednesday, September 17, 2014, over 100 professionals and students attended the AITP sponsored Cybersecurity Summit at Kutztown University of Pennsylvania. Planning for this event began on June 18, 2014. At our Lehigh Valley Chapter members’ only planning meeting, our key discussions included the following questions: how do we market AITP locally, retain current membership while attracting new members, and encourage students’ involvement? With IT security in the spotlight, the idea of presenting our first Cybersecurity Summit at a joint meeting with our student chapters immediately sparked the members’ interest. We believed that the summit would raise awareness of cybersecurity, provide an opportunity to attract regional IT professionals who are curious to learn the current state of cybersecurity, and provide a chance for the teaching faculty and the student members to get involved. The participating students would gain valuable learning experiences from industry professionals outside of their classroom. In addition, the students would have an opportunity to network with professionals to get a head start with their job searches. We believe that the summit would satisfy our meeting’s objectives.

We were able to develop a panel of seven experts in the fields of privacy protection, cloud services, healthcare information, computer forensics, IT legal, banking, and cybersecurity education. In addition to covering these key fields in cybersecurity, the panel represented a diverse security background, from a former skip tracer to someone who served as an InfraGard (FBI and industry partnership) chapter president. Also, the panel comprised of representatives from various sized organizations, from a cybersecurity consultant to a security manager of a large organization. Even though a number of the panel members have traveled very far outside of our area, they all volunteered their time and effort for this summit. As with all of our meetings, our chapter covers the dinner costs for the presenters and host. The Kutztown University student advisor, Dr. Joo Tan, and the Kutztown University Student Chapter President, Thomas Bare, hosted the summit, and our AITP Lehigh Valley Chapter’s President, Thiep Pham, facilitated the open forum discussions. Approximately half of the 100 to 120 attendees were students from local universities. An open discussion followed the formal panel discussions with many questions coming from both the professionals and students. With the success of this event, we are looking forward to working with our student members to host another Cybersecurity Summit in our next meeting year.

Mr. Thiep Pham

President – Lehigh Valley Chapter

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AITP National Collegiate Conference will celebrate the 20thAnniversary in Omaha!

By Kevin Jetton, AITP NCC Director

It is hard to believe that it soon will be twenty years ago since theAITP National Collegiate Conference(Originally the DPMA National Collegiate Conference) was born back in the spring of 1996 in Corpus Christi, Texas and hosted by what is now Texas A&M-Corpus Christi. One funny story from that conference were when some attendees from up north asking me where the beach and waves were since we were on the Texas Gulf Coast to which I pointed out “yander” beyond the Corpus Christi Bay to Mustang/Padre Island for the true Gulf of Mexico Texas coastline as opposed to the more tranquil (and not so pretty water) of Corpus Christi Bay.

The event was born out of a desire to showcase our student member’s talent and give our student chapters a national Information Technology competition event as well as connect attendees together with IT recruiters to land awesome jobs. Visionaries such as Jack Russell, Al Strong and Brian Reithel, among others, lead the charge and with the help headquarters staff, the 1stNCC was born with just under 300 attendees.

Viewing at the event history over the years, for many – it is a trip downmemory lane for faculty advisors and AITP leaders such as Jack & Barbara Russell, Teresa Hickerson, Brian Reithel, Diane Murphey, Al Strong, Bill Fly, Larry Friedlander, Astrit Mehmeti, Nita Adams and many others representing yet another year we bring student groups to the conference and/or help make the event the success that it is. Many of these individuals and others have been recognized over the years for their dedication and service as either Faculty Advisors of the Year, Faculty Members Going the Extra Mile or bestowed the Mike Burrell NCC Volunteer of the Year award.

Some of you may not realize that some of our past NCC attendees as students continue giving back to the organization and the event in their professional lives post-graduation such as Mark and Jill Grimes who met via AITP long ago at Ole Miss and are now proud new parents of a little girl! They have both been a valuable part of the NCC team.

The NCC has been all over the country and to a few select cities, more than once!Click here to see the NCC history.Some 20 years later, the event still draws the nation’s best IT talent, superb speakers, leading innovative IT organizations seeking attendees out to join their workforce and is an event NOT to miss.Right now, we are exploring the opportunity to bring the NCC to downtown Cleveland for the first time ever for the year 2018 so stay tuned!

As one of the few, if not the only, individuals who have attended and staffed every single AITP National Collegiate Conference event, I hope that you and your student chapter members will be joining us in Omaha next spring to help celebrate 20 years of awesome AITP National Collegiate Conferences!

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New Student Member Campaign

Student chapter leaders, advisors, student chapter liaisons:

We are excited to announce a new/lapsed student member campaign beginning November 17, 2014 and ending February 28, 2015. The hope is also to run this campaign again next August – September!

What the student chapter needs to do:

oPromote your chapter and get new/lapsed student members (must not have been a student member for four months)

oFor each new/lapsed student member – your chapter will receive a $5 Amazon gift card (will be given at the end of the campaign)

All student chapters that get 10+ members during this campaign time will be listed on theaitp.orgweb portal and listed in the student newsletter.

Stay tuned… will receive an email when the campaign kicks off.

This campaign is promoted by your Student Development Committee. Questions can be directed

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Virtual Water Cooler: Student Fundraising 2014

Texas State University hosted the first Virtual Water Cooler about the hot topic of student fundraising. Faculty advisor Dr. David Wierschem along with their student chapter president Elizabeth Ulan and vice president Taylor Johnson did an outstanding job of presenting some great fundraising ideas. To view the power point slides, please clickhere.Directly under that link there is also a link for a YouTube audio recording of the presentation. If you have other ideas you would like to see presented for students, or your chapter would like to talk to us about doing a virtual water cooler, please let us know

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University of Iowa AITP is ECSTATIC to Co-host AITP NCC 2015

By Tippie Technology and Innovation Association

Henry B. Tippie College of Business at the University of Iowa

Earlier this year, the University of Iowa students were proud to represent among the 56 other colleges and universities at the AITP National Collegiate Conference with a record 16 students! We are so very excited to be cohosting this year’s conference, but most enthusiastic about helping ensure a fulfilling, and enjoyable time is had by all.

We are more than excited to attend the 2015 AITP National Collegiate Conference in Omaha this year, and challenge one another, and to (hopefully) win more competitions for the University of Iowa! We strongly recommend that other students at any college, as well as advisors, take advantage of this opportunity to join AITP and attend the conference for the great opportunities that it provides.

As a student, AITP provides opportunities to network with IT professionals from all around the country. In fact, according to the Tippie Tech President Jay Brown, "the AITP national conference provides an unparalleled opportunity to meet, network with, and work alongside hundreds of our technologically minded peers. The competitions provide great, real world experience for us to benchmark our knowledge against others. We can't wait to be back for another year!"

Omaha will be a life changing opportunity for many, if not ALL, of the attendees & competitors, and we are excited to get the chance to meet and greet every one of you!

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Fifth Annual Ball State IS Project and Case Competitions

The Miller College of Business at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana, has been hosting an IS Project and Case Competitions in April since 2012. The event provides students opportunity to network with IS/IT professionals, to showcase their projects, and to test their business problem-solving skills.Click hereto see what students from Western Michigan University had to say about their experience.Please visit theCompetitions sitefor videos of past competitions and information about the winning teams.The fifth annual IS Project and Case Competitions will be held from April 10thto 12th, 2015. There is no registration fee and Ball State provides most meals. Students must be accompanied by a faculty advisor.

This event is open to information systems and management information systems students registered at a University. To be eligible, entrants must have been enrolled as undergraduate students at the time the project was completed. The project must be a real-world project that students have completed for a client. A client may be any individual, business, not-for-profit, club, association, or other organization. Projects may be completed in fall or spring of 2014-2015 academic year.

The uniqueness of this Project and Case Competitions is that students not only be able to showcase their projects, they also have the opportunity to solve an IS-related business problem within time constraint. If you have questions or need more detail information, e-mail Dr. Catherine Chen If you plan to participate, email your intend to Dr. Chen by December 5, 2014.

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