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Garden State Chapter Presents New Microsoft Windows 8, Server 2012 Infrastructure Products

Wednesday, October 17, 2012   (0 Comments)
Posted by: James Craig Siano, AITP - Region 13

Iselin, NJ -- If you wanted to know more about the latest version of Microsoft Windows 8, Microsoft Windows Server 2012, Microsoft System Center 2012 and their latest tablet offerings, then attending the October 2012 chapter meeting of the Garden State (NJ) AITP chapter was the place to be.

For the money spent on less than half a tank of gas, $20 went a long way that included the cost of a tasty buffet and important continuing education about Microsoft technologies that many individuals use personally and professionally. The event, which was attended by about 25 AITP members and guests, was held at a Microsoft field office that provided the venue for no charge. Doug Hobby, AITP Garden State Chapter President, presided over the event that he and his chapter team arranged.

The Garden State AITP Chapter meets the second Tuesday of the month in the evenings. Information is available on their web site --, or for further information about attending an AITP Garden State event, contact Doug Hobby at

Sam Ibrahim, a Microsoft Solution Specialist of Core Infrastructure, presented a high level overview of the product offerings that have only been released to the market for a few weeks.

"The technologies have to be nimble and quicker to get IT as a service from the application owner to the datacenter administrator”, stated Ibrahim. "It's important that IT becomes an enabler to that responsive need, and, (the product mix) must provide the ability to give users that self-service application through things such as a portal request system. The infrastructure allows for the setting up of rules, capacity planning and isolation to satisfy that nimble need ─ it's platform as a service.”


Windows 8 Arrives

Windows 8 has provided a completely new interface called the "Modern” interface. The Modern interface, previously known as "Metro”, provides an overlay to the traditional desktop. It provides an intensive interactive interface one would find on a kiosk or smart phone – very "blocky' and colorful. If you use or have seen Windows Phone, you'll recognize the Windows 8 Modern interface.

Underneath the hood, Windows 8 has similar Microsoft operating system attributes such as NTFS security, registry controls, application support and interoperability with Microsoft Active Directory.

"Windows 8 is not a rewrite of Windows 7”, Ibrahim stated, "It's Window 7 and adds the best of the best. Windows 8 is 100 percent Windows 7 compatible but 20 percent lighter.” Ibrahim added, "If you are already in the middle of a Windows 7 migration ─ don't stop as this will position you to leap frog to 8 a lot easier.”

Microsoft is also venturing further into the hardware tablet business. New tablets running the "Surface” touch screen technology will provide for devices with preinstalled Windows 8 operating systems in both corporate and end-user run time versions. The hardware focus will directly compete with the likes of Apple Ipad but offer devices that can participate better in corporate level technology infrastructure support programs. For a summary of the overall Windows 8 technology a good web site to take a look at is in addition to Microsoft's main web site.

Windows Server 2012 – Major Licensing Changes

Major changes are in store for how Windows Server 2012 is licensed that IT professionals involved in administering maintaining and installing "Server” need to be aware.

There will now only be two versions of "Server” – Standard and Datacenter. The version known as "Enterprise” has been stricken from the vocabulary. Both Standard and Datacenter versions are feature and capability equivalent. Only how the use of virtual technology is licensed differs between the two, in addition to pricing.

In the past with now "older” version of Server such as v2008 and v2003, it used to be along the lines of: buy a copy for your box and you're golden. There were some caveats with the "Enterprise” version that would allow you to run one copy of the OS on the physical server and four additional instances on the same operating system environment (OSE). There are some special considerations for higher availability and failover options such as clustering technologies such as VMware VMotion that will require each ESXi host to be properly licensed. Contact your Microsoft solutions partner for further information, or review documents found on Microsoft's web site.

Windows Server 2012 both Standard and Datacenter is now licensed according to the number of processors that will be running the OSE. If you install it on a server with two processors, then you will need one copy of Windows Server 2012 in either version. If your box has four processors,

The retail costs for the products are:

  • Datacenter $4,809 – Single Volume Licenses for two processors:
    • Unlimited virtual machines associated with physical host installation.

  • Standard $882 - Single Volume License for two processors:
    • Limited to two virtual machines associated with physical host installation.

you will need to purchase two licenses to ensure software compliance. Subsequent increments of two physical processors will require an additional license. The notion of cores, virtual processors, threads or hyper threading seems not to convolute the purchasing requirement.

With Standard, the number of virtual servers deployed associated with the license is limited to two. However with the Datacenter version, the number of VMs is unlimited from a licensing perspective but only limited to how much horsepower is running on the physical server. Each OSE will also need to ensure the client side is properly licensed with Client Access Licenses or "CALS” on an either per server or per seat basis.

Server 2012 Virtualization Rights

# of Standard edition licenses on a single server

Total number of VMs









Source: Microsoft Windows Sever 2012 Licensing & Pricing FAQ

When deciding to install Microsoft Windows Server 2012 it's imperative to understand how to properly license your environment prior to making any purchases. For additional and more authoritative information contact your Microsoft software purchasing representative or review documentation available from the web site.



The author downloaded the following resource documents from Microsoft. Click on the document titles. These copies are provided for your convenience. You may want to check Microsoft's website for newer versions and additional documents.

Volume Licensing Product Use Rights (PUR) Explained

Licensing Windows Server 2012 for Use with Virtualization Technologies

Windows Server 2012 Licensing & Pricing FAQ

About the Author

James Craig "Jim” Siano is the current AITP Region 13 lead and has been a member since 1989. By day he's a Windows server system administrator for Lockheed Martin. James holds the Associate Business Continuity Professional (ABCP) certification from the Disaster Recovery Institute International (DRII) and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration- Management Information Systems from Rowan University. Contact James at

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