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Keeping Compliance Up with QMS Software

Thursday, January 2, 2014   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Declan Peltier

There’s a seemingly endless checklist when it comes to running a business. Even still, if you are running a business within a highly-regulated industry, that checklist seems to double. It’s not easy to keep up with that checklist manually either. It takes an incredible amount of time and energy to manage all of the compliance standards required.

Also, to err is human: it’s likely that, if you assess all aspects of compliance procedures yourself, there will (sooner or later) be errors. Luckily, we live in the age of technology, and there’s ways to automate the many processes that in turn increases efficiency, reduces errors, and relieves the muscle tension in your shoulders. This is done through Quality Management Software (QMS).

Document Control
Step number one is ridding yourself of as much paper as possible, which is possible through QMS’s Document Control. QMS automates document control procedures so that approval/denial processes are streamlined. Through Document Control, all the documents are put into a cloud repository that can be accessed from anywhere. Especially useful during an audit or an inspection.

It’s too easy to lose and too hard to find papers for it to be an efficient way to keep up with compliance standards. Also, using document control ensures that anybody looking at document is seeing the most up-to-date version since all the data is stored and changed in the cloud.

Change Control
QMS is essential for businesses within the FDA-regulated or ISO-certified industries where change control software systems are expected. Change control will help make sure that any changes to a product or a system are introduced in a controlled, coordinated, and well-thought-out way to prevent any errors or faults.

QMS can also automate task assignments and create a centralized cloud system that allows authorized users to change control processes, anytime or anywhere. Change control also prioritizes changes so that high-level changes comply with regulatory procedures.

Training Management
Training for new employees is as important as product and quality control. QMS software can also help you maintain quality training programs. QMS ensures that all employees are trained and trained in the same way, so there are no arguments about how things are done. Every employee is trained in the same tasks and procedures, no sections are missed, and you can have an electronic record of every employee’s training.

You can even make sure that any online exams that an employee takes are automatically graded and recorded, so there’s no waiting period. In the document repository mentioned earlier, you can find all documents related to training so that they can be pulled up and reviewed at any time.

Customer Complaint Management
Hopefully your business doesn’t get too many complaints, but even if there’s just a few, it’s important to properly document, store, and handle them for optimum compliance. QMS helps employees track complaints from the time that they are filed till the time that they are resolved.

The customer complaint management system ensures that quality standards are what they should be, because if anybody knows the quality of the product, it’s the customer. Carefully reviewing customer complaints in an organized format can help ensure that your quality procedures and processes are effective and working as they should be.

Declan Peltier has been around the business block, so to speak. While spending most of his career working in the field of quality management and document control systems, Declan has focused his attention on writing and enjoys spreading his knowledge in the IT industry as a writer for

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