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Professional Membership

No matter how sophisticated the technology, it still takes people!®

As an AITP member, you will:

  • Meet people working in your field of interest through chapter meetings
  • Learn about career and business opportunities through our Career Center
  • Stay abreast of industry trends with our IT Insights weekly newsletter and monthly webinars
  • Polish your leadership skills by joining your local chapter’s board or by serving as a faculty advisor    
  • Enjoy access to members-only discounts on many products and services.
  • Build lifelong relationships, and
  • Stay connected with the world of the new IT Professionals! 



Cost of Membership

$105 for national dues and then the chapter and region dues depending on the location.



Classes of Professional Membership

Professional Members

Individuals who are or have been employed in the management of information resources including, but not limited to, managers, staff, sales, service providers, and educators shall be eligible to become Professional Members of the association. Professional membership dues have national, chapter and some region dues. Each professional pays $105 for national dues and then the chapter and region dues depending on the location. If the area in which you live does not have a local Professional Chapter then you have the ability to create one, or to become a Member-At-Large. For more information on finding your local chapter, please see the Find A Professional Chapter page.

When joining or renewing your membership online, there will be an option for multi-year memberships. The discount is for the Association portion of dues only; chapter dues are not discounted and must be paid by the individual member.

  • 2 years: $178 - savings of $32
  • 3 years: $252 - savings of $63
  • 5 years: $367 - savings of $158

You can join by submitting an application online:


Enterprise Members

Commercial, government, and education organizations by the nature of their business which use, employ, rely on information technology on a day to day basis to improve operations and/or provide strategic competitive advantages shall be eligible to become Enterprise Members of the Association. All Enterprise Member organizations must have at least 3 AITP members to be considered for an Enterprise membership. All members within the Enterprise Member organization shall possess the same rights as other professional members. 

Two tiers are offered based on the number of interested employees. 

  • Tier 1 is for 3-9 employees that offers $25 in savings in national dues for $80 per person plus local chapter dues.
  • Tier 2 is for 10 or more employees that offers $35 in savings in national dues for $70 per person plus local chapter dues. 

To get started please download the following documents and follow the instructions to submit your application and members for the Enterprise Membership. The master application for all members who would be covered under the Enterprise Membership and individual applications for those who are not currently AITP members. 

  1. Enterprise Membership Master Application Form
  2. Enterprise Membership New Members Application Form


Education Special Interest Group (EDSIG) is an organization that devotes itself specifically to IS (Information Systems) education. EDSIG's mission is to provide IS educators with the latest research in educational techniques, processes and technology.

AITP offers an AITP and EDSIG combined membership as well as a stand-alone EDSIG membership. For more information on the EDSIG part of the membership, please view our EDSIG page.


Senior Members

Senior Membership is available to qualifying existing members, and it is not available for new members.

Senior Membership may be granted to those active members who become totally disabled, who retire at age 60 or later, or who retire prior to age 60 upon reaching the age of 60. Such persons must have ten years of membership in the Association, with five consecutive years being immediately prior to the date of disablement or retirement. Annual dues for Seniors are one‑half of the Association dues plus one‑half of chapter dues (rounded to the nearest dollar), payable by the individual.

Members interested in the Senior Membership discount should talk to their Chapter leaders or Region leaders if an Individual Member.  Chapters applying for Senior membership for an individual must provide all supporting materials to their Region President at least 30 days prior to the next Executive Committee meeting. The Region President will request approval from the Region Executive Committee, and then the Region Executive Committee will then take the request to the Association Board of Directors.


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