Connect with IT Professionals

CompTIA AITP chapters are how local members network face-to-face. They typically hold meetings once a month where members network face to face, talk about what they’re working on and share their experiences. Students learn from experienced professionals and find mentors who end up providing long-term career support.

Join a CompTIA AITP chapter to keep current on technology and business trends and come up with ideas that shape the future of the local IT community. CompTIA AITP chapter members inform the national dialogue and spark initiatives that advance the global IT industry.

CompTIA AITP Chapters

What’s in It for Me?

Experienced IT Pros, CIOs and Business Leaders
Influence the role technology plays in your area.
Exchange ideas: Apply them to fuel tech in your local tech community.
Share your wins and losses: Support those those just starting in IT.
Recruit, retain and mentor potential team members from a concentrated group of IT talent.
Educators, Tech Leaders and IT Pros Who Teach
Do what you do best with CompTIA: Nurture the next generation of IT pros.
Set the overall strategy and direction for your local student-focused chapter.
Meet new faces in IT. Learn about their challenges, teach opportunities.
Share the challenges and victories of working in tech, and give students the tools to navigate the IT world.
Students, Job Seekers and Career Builders
Find your first or next job with help from IT pros who have been there.
Talk shop with people who also like to keep current on technology and IT trends.
Get to know IT pros in your area. Use your leads to find job opportunities.
Use your new connections to make career moves or figure out what you really want to do in IT.

Find Your Chapter

Want to network with IT professionals in Texas? We’ve got AITP chapters in Dallas and Houston. Closer to New York? Access our IT events and training on Long Island. Far from everything? Sit in on virtual meetings. Find a chapter near you.

“I’ve been part of CompTIA AITP since 2009, which allowed me to build a strong network and get to know a lot of people in IT, both locally and across the nation.”

Carrie Drephal AITP NE Wisconsin Chapter

“CompTIA AITP has given me an opportunity to mentor a young generation of people in IT. It is an incredibly rewarding aspect of membership.”

Carlton Ramsey AITP Akron Chapter

“I believe IT professionals should broaden their horizons by building professional relationships beyond their own organizations. To me, CompTIA AITP is the best way to do this.”

Paul Dittmann AITP Chicago Chapter