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CompTIA AITP gives you access to exclusive research and data about technical issues, IT best practices and industry trends. Download presentations, whitepapers, reports and more to boost your performance and grow your career. Featured topics include cloud, the Internet of Things, cybersecurity, emerging tech trends and more.

Get instant access to three pieces of CompTIA AITP IT research.

Understanding Emerging Technology AI


What is artificial intelligence (AI)? Learn about the definition of AI, applications, market outlook as well as challenges and concerns in this research brief.


Practices of Security Professionals [Research]

Find out how cybersecurity professionals adapt to the need for changing skill sets and new methodologies, in this thought-provoking research report.

Building Smarter Cities & Communities [Research]


How will our cities go from digital to smart? Get expert insight about the current trends, the barriers and opportunities in this CompTIA research report.

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