Why CompTIA Re-Launched AITP

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How did you get involved in technology? Did you have a parent or teacher who was in the industry and you were excited to hear about it? Or did you have a natural interest in computers? Whatever it was that drew you to it, you made a good decision: there are few sectors that rival technology for future growth and unfilled tech jobs.

But once in a tech career, there’s a lot of room to grow. And America needs tech workers like never before. We are on the cusp of groundbreaking technologies, such as artificial intelligence and the internet of things. Each will create new services and industries as technology becomes more personal, ubiquitous and intelligent.

This is what is behind CompTIA’s decision to acquire and re-launch the CompTIA Association of Information Technology Professionals (AITP) as a member support and advocacy organization that will develop the workforce needed to drive the technology changes that shape the 21st Century economy.

CompTIA looked at the challenges those trying to enter and grow in the tech industry face and created programs and services to assist them. Starting with a national organization and chapters in 20 states, CompTIA AITP will help Americans – whether they have a college degree or not – chart a pathway to a technology career with a resume-to-retirement approach.

One of the biggest challenges that new and existing tech workers face is understanding the job market. TechTalent powered by CompTIA will serve as a clearinghouse for tech jobs. Hundreds of thousands regularly go unfilled, including some that don’t require a college degree. Not only does TechTalent connect users with job postings, it also educates them on the specific skills employers are looking for to fill these jobs and the salaries they pay.

Tech workers also want to grow their skills, especially business and soft skills that can get them ahead. Through a partnership with Lynda.com, and by providing other resources to members, CompTIA AITP will help workers grow their careers through networking, finding a mentor and staying up to date on business and industry trends.

Through CompTIA AITP’s initial 20 local chapters, members will get to expand their personal network, exchange information with those in their city or region, and access hands-on mentoring assistance.

And because tech workers can get ahead through technical accreditations, CompTIA AITP offers its members discounts on CompTIA certifications, which have been used more than 2 million times by workers trying to get ahead.

CompTIA AITP hopes to help close both the skills gap and confidence gap – where a diverse mix of people see a future in technology. As tech workers ourselves, we know what a career path can mean to 25 year old who hasn’t settled on a career. Or what it can mean to a 35 year old who’s been in the tech industry for 10 years but wants to jumpstart his or her career. 

CompTIA AITP can help solve an American conundrum: we know Americans are more worried now than maybe ever before about their jobs and future – especially if they don’t have a college degree. Yet, we can’t seem to find enough people to fill all the tech jobs we need. CompTIA AITP helps bridge the gap between those looking for a career and an industry in desperate need of workers.

If you’re looking at a tech career – or already have one but want to further it – please visit www.aitp.org.

After all, someone has to fill those projected 1.8 million unfilled tech jobs.