CompTIA AITP Helps Students Envision Where Their IT Careers Will Go

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Many IT students thought they wanted to pursue something other than IT but later found that IT gives them exactly what they’re looking for – creativity, innovation, a chance to help people and lucrative growth.

“IT envelops all of those because you can work in any sector, in any industry,” said Christopher, CompTIA AITP faculty advisor at Amarillo College. “You don’t have to be a programmer or you can be a programmer. You don’t have to get your hands dirty and get inside a computer, or you can. It’s a great field to be in.”

We spoke with CompTIA AITP student members and faculty advisors to learn why they got into IT and how it’s helped them get into the career of their dreams.

“AITP is a great organization, and they offer workshops,” said Crystal, a CompTIA AITP student member at University of Texas, El Paso. “It was very useful.”

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