The Value of CompTIA AITP: Networking and Education

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Brad and Joyce Moses founded their IT staffing firm, Global Professional Solutions, in Raleigh, North Carolina, in 2002. After spending many years working in IT, they turned their focus to helping connect technology professionals with new opportunities.

“We enjoy learning about the company and understanding the culture so we can put the right person in the right job,” Brad said.

As members of the CompTIA AITP Research Triangle Chapter in Raleigh, Brad and Joyce help connect job seekers with open positions.

“At chapter meetings, attendees can wear a blue dot or red dot on their name tags to show that they are either looking to hire someone or looking for a job,” Brad said. “We don’t hesitate to let people know which companies are hiring and which attendees are with which companies.”

Brad has been an active CompTIA AITP member since its days as the Data Processing Management Association. He said the main reason he’s stuck around for all these years is the organization’s two main values – networking and education.

With more than 40 years of IT experience, he began his career as a Systems Engineer and spent the majority of it as a software development and applications systems manager with large financial corporations. After a successful corporate career, he founded two technology staffing and consulting services – Information Systems Professionals, Inc., in 1991, and Global Professional Solutions, Inc., co-founded with Joyce, in 2002.

“My IT director was a past president, and we had close to 200 members in Raleigh,” Brad said. “I loved the networking aspect of it and the education that came from it.”

Joyce had worked at IBM for 30 years in various roles, ranging from administrative support to marketing and project management. When Joyce and Brad met, their background in technology is one of the common elements that brought them together. The couple got married in 1998.

“When I was working at IBM, I was a single parent and didn’t have much time for anything but work and my daughter,” Joyce said. “After she left the nest and we got married, I decided to join CompTIA AITP because I had more time to devote to the organization.”

Joyce sat on the boards of a few other professional organizations, but she saw a difference with CompTIA AITP.

“I felt CompTIA AITP was the right place for me to continue being of value in a leadership position,” she said.

Within six months of joining, Joyce became the chapter secretary, where she learned how CompTIA AITP operated at not only the chapter level, but also at the regional and national levels.

Over the years, she and Brad have held a number of leadership positions at all three levels. Brad was the CompTIA AITP Research Triangle Park Chapter president in 1993 and 2015 and eastern district director at the from 2007 to 2012.  Today, he’s the chapter’s region director as well as the region 18 president. Joyce has also served as the region director and region vice president.

“I’ve been in it for so many years. It’s a very strong community,” Brad said. “I look at it as a combination of professional and personal fulfillment. It’s a part of me.”

Joyce echoed Brad’s sentiments about community, saying that she’s found camaraderie, friendship and a solid professional network.

“As a member, I’ve gained technical knowledge and soft skills as well,” she said. “It makes it easy to stay on top of current industry trends.”

The Raleigh chapter’s events are both educational and fun, Joyce said, and include activities, entertainment and awards. Each year the region – which includes chapters from North Carolina, West Virginia, Virginia, Ohio and western Pennsylvania – holds a conference, generally in West Virginia that, as Joyce put it, “is equally inconvenient for everyone.”

Chapter members from across the region gather to share ideas, connect and have fun. At the most recent conference, students and IT pros working together to build Lego structures. Even though each team had the same number of Legos, they all created different structures and had to explain why they did what they did

“We pride ourselves on being the leadership region,” she said.

Brad co-founded the chapter’s Management Advisory Council, where CIOs and other technology leaders share their experience, advice and guidance on programs the chapter should provide during the year.

“I feel lucky to have contributed to people’s growth,” he said. “To see people come in and grow is very rewarding, because that’s what life is about.”

The chapter also gives back to the community. It organizes volunteer days with a local nonprofit that refurbishes computers and runs student challenges to help students get hands-on IT experience and learn from experienced IT pros.  

Joyce said that the key to having a successful chapter is to focus on retention. Make sure members are getting the most out of their experience, that they feel welcome and that they get involved.

And as for new members, Brad and Joyce offered a common tip.

“Get involved,” Brad said. “You only get out of it how much you want to get out of it.” Joyce added to join a committee, be a board member and be an advocate.

Join CompTIA AITP today and get involved with a chapter in your area to connect with and learn from local technology professionals.