New Job? Let Us Help You Knock It Out of the Park

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Stepping into a new job can be overwhelming, so CompTIA AITP created a first-year guide for IT jobs that breaks down what to expect, how to make an impact throughout the year and ways to weave personal experience into your year-end performance review.

“Technology jobs can feel immersive and obsessive, and this guide will help you get the most out of your first-year experience,” said Stephanie Morgan, director of member education at CompTIA, whose team put together “Your First Year on the Job: An IT Prepper.”

The e-book covers the full first 12 months in IT, including milestones, goals and self-assessments. Learn five things you can expect at any technology company, how to be a hero by reigniting a stalled project and meaningful tips like, “Watch and ask more than you talk and declare.”

“It’s a dense guide, packed with information like how to combat insecurity with knowledge, who to ask for a raise and realistic steps you can take to find your IT specialization,” Morgan said.

Whether you're in your first job or your tenth, you'll get helpful tools and advice, like research reports related to IT jobs and actionable tips on how to catch the attention of hiring managers.

The First Year on the Job guide can be scanned quickly or read at length.

“Even if you have five minutes, it’s worth a download,” Morgan said.

Your First Trip Around the Sun

“Welcome to your new obsession” crows the introduction to the guide, which kicks off the critical 100 first days.

Take away tips on clothing, money and inclusivity related to the technology industry:

  • Get a handle on what business causal is really all about.
  • Figure out who to watch, who to get to know and why it matters.
  • Connect with the larger IT community, outside your immediate coworkers.

The guide also features seven truths in IT — like, “There are no right answers, only best practices” — and how tracking your value through metrics really means charting your personal impact on the company. Learn how to properly praise your coworkers and get the credit you deserve.

Finally, the guide asks you to decide: Is this job a good enough fit to take another trip around the sun? It’s an important question to ask, because as the guide says, “Your first job in IT is rarely your last.”

Download It for Free

“The information comes from interviews with IT experts, first-year IT pros and those who have worked lots of different jobs in technology,” Morgan said. “There’s no ‘one way’ in IT, but the guide covers a lot of common denominators.”

She recommends using the guide as a tool while getting involved in the IT industry, or to get an insider perspective of the work.

“It’s the only book you’ll need to get through your first year in IT,” Morgan said.

Download “Your First Year on the Job” now, from CompTIA AITP.

Michelle Lange is a writer and designer living in Chicago.