5 More Questions to Ask Before Taking that Job

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Beyond things like job descriptions, salary and benefits, what other questions should you ask before taking a job in the technology field? After all, you are going to spend 2,000 hours a year or so at a place, and you want to make sure you don’t hate it. There are many things about a job that could be as important (or even more important!) than the salary.

This summer, CompTIA's IT Career News presented five questions to ask before taking that job and got a lot of feedback, so in turn, we present:

Five More Questions to Ask Before Taking That Job

1. What made your interviewer want to work there?

You can research a company for hours online, but nothing will beat hearing it straight from the horse’s mouth. Your interviewer is a representative of the company, so why not take advantage of your one-on-one time with him or her? You might hear something about the company you had never heard before or an answer that will lead you to ask even more questions

2. Where does your interviewer sees him or herself in five years?

In the same vein as the previous question, use your interviewer as a good source of information. Instead of the old “opportunity for growth” question, turn it on its ear and get your interviewer’s perspective. This can tell you a lot about the company and perhaps the work environment there. For example, if your interviewer says she sees herself still doing the same job she has now, you should ask yourself why that is, or if she says she hopes to be in a position or two above where she is currently, you’ll know she has enough faith in the company to stick around and advance further.

3. What are the greatest challenges for this position?

Hearing what the interviewer considers the most challenging aspect of the job can be helpful when determining what is in store for if you take it. If it’s something you’ve had experience in and know you can help with, all the better to speak up and say so! If it’s something that sounds like a personnel problem or organizational issue, it’s good to know before taking the job, rather than seeing red flags pop up each day for your first month.

4. Can I get a tour of the facility?

A lot can be gathered about a company just from a walk-through. How are people dressed? Is there laughter or chit-chat going on, or can you only hear the hum of their computers? Depending on what’s important to you, this visual of your potential work space could be a deciding factor. For example, if you are a social person who is also hard-working, a cold and sterile work environment may not be a place where you would flourish.

5. Why is this position open?

Find out whether you’re interviewing for a new position or one that’s been vacated and ask about the turnover rate for the company and department you’ll potentially be working in. A newly created position can have pros and cons that you’ll want to consider. Filling a position that was recently (or maybe even habitually) vacated leads to the inevitable question, “Why did the last person leave?” If the last person left because of a promotion within the company, that also tells you more about what sort of organization you are dealing with.

The goal of any job interview is to match the best person with the best opportunity, and any question you can ask to help reach that goal is a good question!

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