CompTIA AITP Member Report Highlights and So Much More

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If you missed the CompTIA+ Conference and the CompTIA AITP Member Report, we have you covered. Recordings of each session are available to all CompTIA AITP members and any IT Pro interested in learning more about CompTIA AITP, Linux Security, Virtualization, Cloud Migration, or CompTIA’s future direction.
CompTIA+ Conference Recordings

The event began with an introduction from Nancy Hammervik, CompTIA Executive Vice President, and a keynote address from CompTIA President and CEO Todd Thibodeaux. Thibodeaux covered diversity in the tech workforce, the future direction of CompTIA and his thoughts on what will be coming in 2018.
Listen to the complete opening keynote from President and CEO Todd Thibodeaux

Leadership and Volunteering
The event also touched on the many benefits of leadership in an interview with Carrie Drephal, CompTIA AITP Executive Council Vice Chair. Drephal spoke about her volunteer experiences with CompTIA AITP and the many opportunities available to future and prospective tech leaders. About being a leader she said, “when you’re a leader and you’re involved, with a good team around you, it’s not work, you enjoy it, you’re passionate about it” and “everyone should support the industry and really help drive that change from the inside.”
Watch the full interview with Carrie Drephal

Becoming CompTIA AITP
Julian_pxThe CompTIA AITP Member Report provided some background on the AITP and CompTIA merger and set the stage for the future of the association. Julian Wade, CompTIA AITP Executive Council Chair Emeritus, touched on some of the association's history and the decision process that led to becoming a part of the CompTIA family.

Wade also spoke of the importance of being a part of an association and the great value that membership brings. He shared, "being a member of a professional organization can be a major stepping block in your career and is a crucial component in becoming a leader in your professionals we need to collaborate, network, and learn–and build lasting professional and personal friendships. CompTIA AITP is the right place for these things to occur.”

CompTIA AITP Membership
The member report concluded with a deep dive into membership benefits and a look into the association’s future. CompTIA AITP Executive Council Vice Chair Carrie Drephal put a point of focus on students saying, “bringing together IT Pros and students is key to helping fill the skills gap.” She continued with a look into the industry's future and what CompTIA AITP has to offer.

“AI and robots are changing the workforce, the Internet of Things is changing our homes, and technology is changing how we do everything from getting groceries and driving to performing surgery … CompTIA AITP will be working hard to help transition everyone through the new technology revolution.”

The member report closed with a look back at some exciting educational and networking events, as well as a question and answer session with CompTIA AITP staff.
CompTIA AITP Annual Member Report