Smart Cities Need a Smart Workforce

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Over the last five years, local governments have become more digital savvy. Most now have some sort of digital presence and provide technology solutions for some government services. With advances in data collection, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things, many cities are looking to move to the next level. In fact, chances are that your town is working on smart alternatives to enhance government services. According to CompTIA’s “Building Smarter Cities and Communities” report, 7 in 10 municipalities have some sort of smart city initiative underway. From broadband access and smart street lights to intelligent transportation networks and crime prevention. Local governments are taking notice of the many benefits smart cities have to offer their citizens.

As governments begin to familiarize themselves with smart city options and start to develop smart alternatives, they must overcome several hurdles. Funding, cybersecurity and skilled labor are major concerns. In fact, 40% of government officials see the lack of technical expertise as a primary challenge to launching smart city projects. Finding individuals to help develop and maintain smart cities is critical to their success. Municipalities will need to collect, store, and analyze huge amounts of data. They will need to implement sophisticated security measures to keep data from being exposed and fend off breaches of critical infrastructure. Technicians and engineers will be needed to develop systems and maintain the components that make up a smart city. Even city managers and other leaders will need to have a strong understanding of the technological capabilities their new city possesses.

The growing demand in tech talent can be seen throughout all emerging technologies. As more and more cities look to smarten their infrastructure, more industries implement artificial intelligent solutions and we have more connected devices in our homes, it’s critical we help more people get the skills and training they need to fill these new tech roles. Creating a smart workforce is key to unlocking the potential of smart cities.

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