10 Business Skills IT Pros Need (And How to Get Them)

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IT is changing, with more jobs requiring a hybrid of business and technical skills. Moreover, mastery of soft skills, such as social and emotional reasoning and higher-level communication, is becoming more critical to IT positions as rote technical tasks become automated. 

So what skills are employers looking for? An analysis of December 2017 data from Burning Glass Technologies found these 10 business skills were most often mentioned in IT job postings: project management, business process and analysis, customer service, budget management, people management, quality assurance, business management, scheduling, business strategy and product management.  
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Sounds like the course catalog for a graduate degree in business, right? But don't worry. If heading back to school for an MBA doesn't make sense for you right now (or ever), we have good news: You can begin building these skills by taking full advantage of your CompTIA AITP professional membership. 

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