Growing Momentum: CompTIA AITP Membership Reaches 9,000

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When CompTIA AITP launched, we set out on a mission to attract, develop and support a workforce that will shape the 21st century economy. This means expanding the universe of those who see a career for themselves in technology, and becoming the go-to resource for individuals seeking to start, grow and advance careers in IT.

In February, we passed the six-month milestone of our journey, and we’re very encouraged by the growth and momentum we’re seeing. Since August 2017, CompTIA AITP membership has nearly tripled to include more than 9,000 tech professionals, educators and students in the U.S.

Our local chapters in 20 states are seeing a significant uptick in membership, with two chapters—CompTIA AITP Richmond and CompTIA AITP North Central Florida—more than tripling in size. The leading chapters by membership are now CompTIA AITP Ozarks, CompTIA AITP Chicago, CompTIA AITP San Diego, CompTIA AITP Dallas and CompTIA AITP Atlanta.

This growth has allowed CompTIA AITP to accelerate our benefits and training resources, as well as bolster our “resume to retirement” approach to helping members excel in their careers. We now offer a range of online and in-person opportunities that are empowering tech professionals across the nation.

CompTIA AITP members also have access to more than online courses, allowing them to learn from industry experts and improve the business skills needed to advance in their careers. Since CompTIA AITP launched, our members have engaged in thousands of online, on-demand training courses covering everything from project management to emotional intelligence.

CompTIA AITP and its local chapters also host regular events ranging from CIO panels to golf outings where tech professionals and students alike can connect, collaborate, be recognized for their achievements and exchange ideas. CompTIA AITP members also have access to annual IT events like the CompTIA+ Conference and CompTIA D.C. Fly-in. And this year, CompTIA AITP launched a webinar series to keep members and IT professionals up to date on member benefits, relevant research and the trends shaping the technology industry.

The first six months of CompTIA AITP has provided a promising snapshot of what’s to come. We are excited to continue helping our members flourish in their careers and to usher in the next generation of the IT workforce.

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