Joining CompTIA AITP Opened Doors for Student to Impact the World

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This article originally appeared in the Spring 2018 issue of CompTIA World Magazine. 

CompTIA AITP Student Chapter President Spencer Preston is passionate about joining organizations that help people better themselves. That’s why he joined CompTIA AITP, where he uses technology to make an impact on the world.

Preston is using what he learned through school, and his work with CompTIA AITP, to fight the opioid crisis in Indiana and help people suffering from PTSD.

He’s learned a lot about what he’s working on through the CompTIA AITP mentorship program he created, which matches AITP technology pros willing to mentor with Ball State University students. Using simple technology platform, Preston’s mentorship program matches students’ interests in things like predictive analysis, cloud technology and app development with IT pros’ experience in IS management, systems administration and cybersecurity.

“It’s pretty cool to see that people have the same interests no matter what age you are,” Preston said.

In return, the mentorship program he created gives the CompTIA AITP mentors access to cutting-edge IT machinery, like Ball State’s 3-D printing lab. Preston’s ability to organize mentors and students and connect the local IT community to the upcoming generation helped his chapter win the Student Chapter Outstanding Performance Award.

Spencer PrestonHe’ll graduate in May 2018 with a CIS degree, experience in logistics and supply chain management. He’s using CompTIA AITP to open the door to ask professionals about their experience in the working world, he said. CompTIA AITP members also act as a resource for problems with homework, resumes and interview prep.

Attending the CompTIA AITP chapter meetings helps students learn things they might not in the classroom, like how to network, shake hands, and hear from CIOs of big banks and other local businesses, he said.

“You can’t really learn that in classes, but if you’re in CompTIA AITP you’re already a step ahead,” Preston said.

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