Digital Disrupter Leans On CompTIA AITP’s Resources To Make Change

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Veteran IT executive Silvia Prickel uses her position in CompTIA AITP to fan the flames of disruption; giving women, startups and students the tools to build something unexpected.

“Whether it’s ‘I want to start my own company,’ ‘I want to take a certification’ or ‘I want to try something new,’ CompTIA AITP is part of that,” said Prickel, who sits on the board of directors for the Chicago Chapter of CompTIA AITP. “I love this concept of providing members resources no matter where they are in their careers.”

Members also have monthly meetings and networking events where members can expand their networks by meeting people. “In IT you’re only six degrees removed from anybody,” she said. “Whenever you need help or advice or you’re looking for a new career, those networks are just so important.”

At United Airlines, Prickel leads the enterprise quality and release management team that digitized and automated inflight service, forever changing the way people experience commercial airlines.  

Silvia Prickel 2She’s bringing her experience with disruption to the table as a judge in CompTIA AITP’s Most Effective IT Team Awards. Based on the innovation in team collaboration and brilliant customizations she’s seeing in the contest entries, this veteran IT executive predicts a wave of innovation.

“We’re on the cusp of something that’s going to completely change the world,” said Prickel. “We’re going to see new things that produce a lot of value and make our quality of life much better.”

Until then, she’s going to keep working with CompTIA AITP to socialize the association. “There are programs, research and services from cradle to grave,” she said. “It’s a one-stop shop to finding things to help you in your IT career.”