4 Ways to Use TechTalent When You’re Not Looking for a Job

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What if you had access to insider info about IT job trends, salary information, and in-demand tech and business skills? Sounds like valuable information for your career, right? Well, if you’re a CompTIA AITP member, you can find all of this and more with TechTalent. In fact, searching for open IT positions isn't the only way to use TechTalent. Here are four ways to use this powerful career portal when you’re not looking for a job.

Negotiate a promotion or salary increase.
Did you know that TechTalent’s Job Pulse feature can provide you with data about jobs, salaries and skills? You can use Job Pulse to assess your current position and analyze if you are being compensated fairly by including specific data points, such as your level of education and where you live.

For example, the median salary for a network administrator who lives in Austin, Texas and has a bachelor’s degree is $67,000. If you’re only making $60,000, you can cite Job Pulse’s verified data to talk to your employer about a potential salary increase. Thinking about relocating to another city and think that the median salary would be the same? Use Job Pulse to double check. You may be surprised to discover the median salary for the same position in San Antonio is $71,000.

Search for the skills you need to get to the next level.
In addition to finding salary information, you can use Job Pulse to search for relevant skills someone in your IT position should have. Pinpoint the industry demand for special tech skills and capabilities, and work on enhancing those skills so you can advance in your career.

For example, if the same network administrator living in Austin, Texas wants to make $80,000 instead of $67,000, he or she can input that criteria into Job Pulse’s job skills search. They'll learn that network engineering, data communications, OSPF, and simple network management protocol (SNMP) are related skills that can boost their income potential.

Watch the video for step-by-step instructions on how to use the Job Pulse tool. 

Grow your IT team.
Do you have an open IT position at your company that you’re having a hard time filling? Find the Talent, another unique TechTalent feature, can help you and your team find qualified candidates whose skills match your job description. You can sort applicants by education and years of experience, search by specific industry certifications, and recruit talent with the relevant skills you're looking for. Find the Talent makes it easy to narrow down your search and ensure you’re hiring someone that fits your needs.

Watch the How to Use TechTalent's Find the Talent Tool video.

Keep your resume up to date.
Even if you're not job hunting, there are plenty of reasons to keep your resume updated, and TechTalent allows you to house your portfolio of current and past work and chronicle your professional milestones with an AI-assisted resume builder. If you want to apply to present at a conference, get nominated for an industry award, or are up for a promotion, an updated CV or resume lends credibility to your achievements. For IT pros interested in picking up freelance work on the side, the tool will allow you to easily keep track of and share your most up-to-date work experiences with potential clients. 

Watch the video to learn how to create a market-driven resume. 
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