3 Ways Students Can Tap into TechTalent’s Powerful Career Tools

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You’re already off to a great start as a student member of CompTIA AITP—what’s not to love about free access to benefits like CompTIA research, career content, and best of all, TechTalent! TechTalent is CompTIA AITP’s powerful job board, resume builder and resource for IT industry job trends. In addition to giving you the ability to search for entry-level IT jobs around the country, you can use TechTalent to set yourself for the future—even if you’re not quite ready to kick off your job hunt. Here are the top three ways for students to use TechTalent.

  1. Build a market-driven resume.

    It’s never too early to create a resume, whether you’re looking for a job or not. As a student, it’s important to have a current resume in case you want to apply for potential scholarships and awards at your school or for internship opportunities. Internships are essential for gaining experience, and most require students to participate in a formal application process—resume required. Don’t be caught without yours when an opportunity presents itself. Craft an amazing resume now using TechTalent. Did you know you can also use Tech Talent’s Be the Talent tool to apply for internships as well? As soon as you’re done building your resume, you can automatically apply for open positions fitting your needs.

  2. Research relevant job skills.

    Have an idea of what position you’d like to have and where you’d like to live post-graduation? Input that information into Job Pulse and you’ll get a list of recommended skills employers want from job candidates. For example, if you want to move to Albuquerque, New Mexico to work as a help desk technician, Job Pulse can show you that the core skills you need are help desk support, technical support, customer service, Microsoft Active Directory, hardware and software installation, troubleshooting technical issues, and computer installation and setup. Job Pulse also shares bonus skills that will give you a leg up on your competition: For that help desk tech position, you’ll be ahead of the curve with ITIL and Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol (TCP / IP) skills.

  3. Find salary information that can help you plan for your future.
    One of the best things about having a full-time job post grad is the paycheck! Use Job Pulse to educate yourself on average entry-level salaries you can expect in your field so you can plan your future accordingly. For example, the help desk technician in Albuquerque, New Mexico makes a median salary of $44,000. If you were hoping to make a higher salary, consider working in a different city or acquiring additional relevant certifications and skills to give yourself some negotiating power when it comes time to accept a job offer.

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