5 Reasons You Should Apply for a Professional Award

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Have you ever applied for a professional award? Awards are a fantastic way to raise your profile at work, highlight your expertise, and boost your resume with prestigious accomplishments—and yet, many professionals hesitate to hit the submit button.

Don't miss this opportunity: This month, CompTIA AITP launched seven awards designed to recognize individual members and chapters for their contributions to the association and the tech industry. CompTIA AITP members, including IT pros, students, and educators, as well as chapters can apply for these awards by September 7, 2018:

You must be a CompTIA AITP member to apply. Not a member? Join now as an IT pro for just $99. Membership is free for students.

If you’re still hesitating, consider this: Even just submitting for an award has value—and it’s impossible to be recognized if you don’t put yourself out there. There's no application fee, so whether you nominate yourself or are nominated by a colleague, here are five reasons to throw your hat in the ring for the inaugural CompTIA AITP awards:

  1. Applying for a professional award allows you to think critically about your career. We can all agree that professional branding is important. Going through the application process for a CompTIA AITP award can help you hone your messaging about your career and what you have accomplished professionally and within the tech community.
  2. Just filling out the application can boost your self-esteem. Taking the time to answer questions about your accomplishments can help you feel more confident about your skills and expertise as an IT pro. It’s easy to get lost in day-to-day tasks of IT work, but when you consider all that you have done over the course of your education or career, it creates a clearer picture of how far you have come and how you’ve impacted your tech community.
  3. Being recognized by a professional association is one way to stand out from the crowd. If you’re looking for a new role or seeking a promotion, including recognition and awards on your resume show your commitment to your career and the tech industry.
  4. Awards raise your profile in the industry. Being recognized by CompTIA AITP can give you the credibility you need to raise your profile in your local tech and business community. Looking to become a speaker on tech topics or take on a leadership role in your chapter? An award shows your deep commitment. And, winning an award will result in publicity about you and your career in CompTIA and CompTIA AITP publications and could potentially mean local media recognition.
  5. Being recognized with an award means that someone else can tout your accomplishments. Shy about sharing how great you are with the world? There’s no need to beat your own drum when you have CompTIA AITP to do it for you. An industry award speaks volumes about your experience and expertise—which means you don’t have to.

CompTIA AITP members: Learn more about CompTIA AITP awards and apply for free today

Not a member? Join now as an IT pro for just $99. Membership is free for students