5 Must-read CompTIA Research Reports for CIOs

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No longer the team that’s simply called upon to troubleshoot a frozen computer or faulty internet connection, IT departments now play a key, often driving, role in business-wide initiatives.

According to Seth Robinson, senior director of technology analysis at CompTIA, “We’re seeing a major shift in IT from a more tactical approach to a more strategic approach. This is what is leading companies down the path of digital transformation.”

CompTIA research, available to CompTIA AITP members in the Research section of the member portal, provides a foundation of knowledge for CIOs and executive-level tech pros to navigate this uncharted territory. Start with these five research reports and resources from CompTIA to help you understand current tech trends and how to set the strategy and direction of the IT function at your company.

IT Industry Outlook 2018
This year's IT Industry Outlook provides a broad overview of the forces currently shaping the industry, its workforce and its business models. Explore the trends that promise profound change in IT and the questions and concerns that surround technology and business value, security, transparency and equal access to opportunity.

CompTIA's interactive tool Cyberstates provides users with the definitive guide to national, state and metropolitan-area tech sector and tech workforce analytics. Cyberstates aggregates mountains of data and transforms it into easy to understand visuals and actionable insights for employers seeking answers to questions about the trends and factors that are driving growth in the tech industry.

Using Strategic IT for Competitive Advantage
This whitepaper relies on research and conversations with IT professionals to provide a description of the way technology is now integrated into business. Examining the strategic nature of modern IT provides a foundation for describing new mindset and metrics. Adding in vital technical milestones completes the picture, giving businesses a thorough understanding of this recent tipping point and allowing them to build plans for future transformation.

A Functional IT Framework
What are the trends and objectives common to how CIOs, CTOs and IT managers are restructuring their organizations? This report outlines the roles that IT personnel play in supporting, maintaining and evolving the four pillars of information technology: Infrastructure, Development, Security and Data.

Building Digital Organizations
In a new era defined by cloud computing and mobile strategies, companies are pursuing new IT tools, and the best use of tools requires a disruption to operational procedures. Building Digital Organizations explores the different aspects of this corporate evolution. As companies seek success with new products and new customers, there are many areas that must be addressed in order to become a digital organization. IT pros of all levels can benefit from both the strategic and tactical information outlined in this report. 

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