Reading List: 5 CompTIA Research Reports IT Pros Should Download Now

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The role of the IT department is expanding, which means IT pros must continually develop their skills in emerging technologies. These five reports from CompTIA, available to CompTIA AITP members in the Research section of the member portal, can provide IT pros with foundational knowledge about the technologies that are shaping digital transformations and creating challenges and opportunities for today's IT function. 

  1. Cloud Computing and IT Operations

    Cloud has become a critical part of IT architecture with 91% of companies claiming to use some form of cloud computing. This research report examines the changes taking place in the IT function that help drive strategic value. Learn how to move into a multi-cloud model, how cloud changes the IT function, and how to balance challenges and benefits that cloud computing can introduce.

  2. The Evolution of Security Skills

    As the practice of security begins encompassing more disciplines, companies must turn their attention to the security skills and literacy of their workforce. The primary focus may be the specific roles and expertise of the technical team, but the solution must extend to awareness and training for all workers. This study examines the state of security skills in business—which skills are needed, which business units need training, and what companies are doing about the problem.

  3. Master the Internet of Things

    IT service providers have spent the past decade striving to master managed services, cloud services and more. Now, along comes the Internet of Things—and a new wave of business opportunities and challenges. In these case studies, learn how four leading IT channel providers devised working, automated, Internet of Things-based management and control systems for their customers. 

  4. Understanding Emerging Technology – Artificial Intelligence

    You've probably heard of artificial intelligence (AI), but what exactly is it and how it is being used? Learn about the definition of AI, applications and market outlook as well as the challenges and concerns with this emerging technology in this research brief.

  5. Building Digital Organizations
    CompTIA’s Building Digital Organizations study provides insights into the changing business dynamics and role of IT as cloud and mobility drive new technology solutions. As technology becomes more accessible and more widespread, entire organizations – not just the IT department – are changing their approach and redefining the processes for choosing, implementing and supporting business systems.

Visit the Research section of the member portal to download these technology research reports as well as other content designed exclusively for CompTIA AITP members.

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