Countdown to Career Lift Off: Launch Your IT Career with CompTIA AITP Resources

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Whether you recently graduated with an IT degree, have started your first (or fifth) tech job, or are thinking about making a switch to IT, CompTIA AITP has resources to help you successfully launch and manage your career. From starting out in the industry to developing the skills that will keep you moving up the ladder, check out these five resources and prepare your tech career for take off. 

Use Social Media to Get an IT Job: 5 Actionable Steps for Every Stage of Your Technology Career
Finding a tech job is a lot easier than it used to be thanks to social media. First, social media helps you highlight who you know with direct links to people who have offered you endorsements and visible connections to your allies in the industry. Social media also works in real time. You can follow a link that’s been posted on Twitter and apply for a job on the spot rather than scrolling through pages of postings. This handy guide will take early, mid-level and advanced career IT pros through actionable steps that demystify social media for job searching.

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Your First Year on the Job: An IT Prepper
Technology is fun and challenging, especially when you’re first getting started. Use this guide to prep for your first year on the job—it’s full of tips on how to raise your profile, set personal intentions for your next three years and crush it in your year-end review. Use your first year on the job to get noticed by managers, understand your place in the larger IT ecosystem and step lively into your first promotion.

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Branding Resources for IT Pros
To advance in your IT career, you need to hone your professional brand. This series of videos, infographics and other resources demystifies the ins and outs of personal branding and how you can do it effectively and authentically. Learn why hard work isn't always enough to be noticed in the workplace; how to network effectively; how to be a good mentor or mentee; and much, much more.

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The Power of TechTalent Webinar
You've probably heard about CompTIA AITP's powerful career portal, TechTalent, which gives members access to nationwide IT job postings as well as industry-insider information. Learn the ins and outs of TechTalent, including how to build a customized resume, access real-time salary data and explore in-demand careers. Use this tool to find a position, build skills and figure out what's next for your IT career.  

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Hone Your Soft Skills: Training for Entry, Mid and Senior-level IT Pros
Cultivating “soft skills” will help keep you moving to the next level of your IT career. In fact, at every level, employers are looking for IT pros who have strong communication and writing skills and are capable of problem solving. And, as you grow as a professional, you’ll need to go beyond the basics and learn higher-level soft skills—CompTIA AITP can help. From interviewing to managing your career to moving into leadership positions, members can access free, on-demand courses for entry-, mid-, and senior-level IT pros who are looking to gain the skills they need to succeed in their positions. 

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