How Problem Solving Helped One CompTIA AITP Member Jumpstart a Career in Tech

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This article originally appeared in CompTIA World magazine. Read the fall 2018 issue online

Christina Sereday didn’t always envision working in IT, but she’s always been a problem solver. She’s now an implementation manager at DHL and despite not having a background specifically in IT, she says a knack for problem solving has helped her grow into a position where she helps define requirements for newly developed tech tools and applications.

“That’s what computer programming and development are all about, looking at how toRow 1_Story 2_Faces of CompTIA break down a problem and solve it, and how to replicate a real-world scenario inside of a system,” Sereday said. “If you have a problem-solving mindset, then you have a good chance to do well in some realm of the technology world.”

Sereday had a computer from a young age and always liked engaging with technology, but she never thought about technology as a career while growing up. It was something fun she could use to write a newsletter or play music. She thought one day she might be an accountant or a biologist.

Her perspective on IT changed during her military service. She belonged to a communications battalion and learned a lot about electronics from working with her peers on satellites and radios. This experience provided unique insight into various ways in which technologies can be applied.

Now that technology is a key part of her job, she says problem solving is what she likes most about working in IT. “I like that you get to solve complex problems and make an impact where the outcome is something tangible and can improve someone’s life.”

Sereday is also a member of CompTIA AITP Pittsburgh and was recently appointed as the chapter’s treasurer. She says joining the chapter has helped her keep up with the latest trends in tech through presentations on topics such as artificial intelligence, blockchain and IoT, as well as network with professionals from companies like Google, Microsoft and IBM.

Pittsburgh’s tech sector is flourishing with new job opportunities, and Sereday knows there are other individuals in the region like her who don’t necessarily have IT experience but could have a career waiting for them in the tech industry. “I don’t think I’m an anomaly."

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