Cloud Basics: 5 Essential Resources for IT Pros

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With a topic as broad and impactful as cloud computing, it’s not always easy knowing where to start. The first post in the Cloud Basics series covers five things IT pros should understand if their company is just getting started with cloud. The second post looks at five lessons companies are learning as they get more experience with cloud systems. Before the Implementing a Cloud Strategy webinar on November 6, this final post provides five additional resources for anyone hoping to build deeper cloud knowledge.

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CompTIA Buying Guide for Infrastructure as a Service

For those who are in the early stages of cloud adoption, this resource from the CompTIA research team provides a high-level overview and introduces some considerations when preparing to procure cloud resources. This guide is useful for IT pros who are having conversations with business executives about the benefits and trade-offs involved with cloud computing.

5th Annual Trends in Cloud Computing 

This is not the beginning of CompTIA’s research on cloud computing, but it is a comprehensive look at both corporate adoption and the ecosystem of third-party firms that enable cloud operations. This report includes CompTIA’s models for end-user cloud adoption progression and IT channel cloud business model framework.

Cloud Computing and IT Operations

This latest research from CompTIA is aimed more at IT pros who have some experience with cloud solutions and are now beginning to modify their internal IT workflow. The report examines the movement toward a multi-cloud model, the skills needed for cloud computing, and the ways that cloud computing supports emerging technology initiatives.

Planning a Modern IT Architecture

The shift to cloud computing, and especially to a multi-cloud model, drives a greater need for architectural planning. This research report explores how principles of Enterprise Architecture Planning (EAP) are not just used by the largest companies but by every organization going through digital transformation thanks to cloud adoption.

CompTIA Cloud Industry Roadmap

This resource, which was produced by CompTIA’s Cloud Community, provides insight into the dynamics of the technology, services, partnerships and regulations that are part of the cloud ecosystem. IT pros can use this as a guide to understand where their company sits on a cloud timeline and what third-party resources they could utilize to accelerate adoption.

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