One-Stop Shop: Your Guide to the Best Tech Gift Guides

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'Tis the season for gift giving and gift unwrapping… and for wracking our brains for the best gift ideas for our favorite tech pros. Chances are, if it’s the latest and greatest gadget or app, a tech-savvy user already has it, so finding something meaningful without being boring can be a struggle. Before you resort to the safe-yet-boring gift card, check out our list of the best gift guides for the tech pros in your life.

CNET Best Tech Gifts

CNET is a trusted source for "just the facts" on all things technology and electronics. What it lacks in specialization, it makes up for with a one-stop shop for any and everything the techie in your life may want or need. It’s a good place to point the most tech-averse relatives for ideas.

Popular Science Practical Gift Guide

Popular Science offers the gift guide for not just a tech enthusiast, but for the thoughtful, practical, logical techie. These gifts are for pragmatic people who want high return on functionality and necessity, yet also happen to be of high quality and a good value. Top of any of these with a warranty and a package of batteries and you're winning holiday gift giving. 

Best Product Latest and Greatest Gifts

While the definition of best depends on the objectivity of the person using it, we agree that Best Products group takes the term—and their company namesake—very, very seriously. The staff spends more than 440 hours per week (!!!) personally researching, interviewing, tinkering, breaking, and putting back together each item in order to bestow the coveted superlative. Also, they have a wide range of categories and price points, making finding something both personal and practical for everyone on your list actually manageable.  

Wired: STEM Toys for Techie Kids

Remember when Furbies caused store stampedes and Xbox’s warranted fights in the aisles? If the holidays are for kids, at least give them something cool and worthwhile, not some flash-in-the-pan holiday grab-up. STEM—science, tech, engineering and math—gifts tap into the creative and innovative folds of a kid’s brain to help them learn and develop modern and enlightening skills, like coding, app design and architecture. Get a tinkering kid something from Wired’s list now and surely they’ll thank you in their Nobel Prize speech later.

CompTIA Tech Pro Gift Guide

CompTIA is committed to helping IT professionals advance in their careers, so it’s no surprise that we also know a thing or two about the top gadgets and gifts for tech pros. From home and work must-haves (we’re eyeing the noise-cancelling headphones) to praiseworthy charitable ideas and continuing education opportunities for the pro who is focused on their next career move, the CompTIA gift guide has something for every current or aspiring tech professional.