Top Tech Articles of 2018

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Last year saw a wide range of tech topics covered on the blog—from cloud to cybersecurity, automation to AI. Kick off 2019 by continuing to up your IT career game with a quick refresher of last year's top five tech articles.

Metasploit, Nessus, NMap & More: The Hacking Tools IT Pros Need to Know About

It seems like every week, another new hacking attack has leaked the personal information of millions of people. In this article, Kenneth May, CEO, of Swift Chip, shares the tools InfoSec researchers and cybersecurity professionals use to stay one step ahead of hackers. Read the article

3 Skillsets You Need for a Career in Cybersecurity

When IT architectures were more contained, the primary goal for security was to build a perimeter in order to keep all the bad guys out, then inspect endpoint devices to see if anything bad had snuck through. More recently though, companies are taking a different approach to security, which means demand is growing for dedicated security resources, rather than resources with security as a small part of their job role. Here are the three skillsets IT pros need to be successful in a cybersecurity career. Read the article

Cloud Basics: Here's What IT Pros Need to Know About This Powerful Trend

CompTIA’s cloud study, Cloud Computing and IT Operations, looks at the changes taking place in IT departments as cloud adoption moves into secondary stages. However, there are companies across the adoption spectrum, with some firms pushing the leading edge and others just getting started. Here's what IT pros need to know about this powerful trend. Read the article

Cloud Basics: 5 Essential Resources for IT Pros

With a topic as broad and impactful as cloud computing, it’s not always easy knowing where to start. This article outlines five resources for IT professionals hoping to build deeper cloud knowledge. Read the article.

How Automation and AI Work Hand In Hand

As businesses continue to work through their digital transformation efforts, they are becoming more fascinated than ever with new technology. But there will definitely be some challenges as companies try to wrap their arms around a wide variety of tech topics. Here is how two of those technologies—automation and AI—will work together to drive new value for the businesses. Read the article.