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CompTIA Communities & Councils Forum (CCF) returns to Chicago from March 11-13, 2019 and has expanded to include members of CompTIA’s five Industry Advisory Councils and seven U.S Communities. The goal of this annual forum is to open up discussion on pressing issues in the tech industry and provide a platform for members to network and gain access to crucial information through topic-based workshops.

Wondering what to expect in 2019? Here’s a look at what we covered in 2018.

CCF 2018 educated attendees on key trends in the technology sector and examined methods to jumpstart amplified productivity in the workforce. Topics focused on tech trends to watch and what these technologies could mean for individuals and their businesses. The attendees were able to voice their opinions during discussions with top members of the industry, including employees from Microsoft, AT&T, CloudPlus, and many others. 

Attendees were also given the opportunity to rank 10 types of new and emerging tech during the first ever-meeting of the Emerging Technology Community. This was just one of the interactive opportunities for attendees to meet with their peers and critically examine the technology landscape. The forum created an inclusive environment for tech professionals to speak to the ways technology is changing and how to adapt  in a continuously innovating industry.

But CCF 2018 went beyond discussing innovation in the technology sector. Meetings were held about improving diversity and productivity in the workforce. In an industry so dependent on the output and innovative mindset of its people, these topics are essential to understand in order to continually grow and advance. Meaningful Life, Meaningful Work, a discussion led by Heather Kay, director of talent management with Sungard Availability Services, prompted the audience to consider the aspects of their work-life balance and how their mindset could improve their output on all levels.

At the conclusion of CCF 2018, attendees had a comprehensive understanding of key takeaways:

  1. Trending topics within the technology industry and how to approach these innovations and best use them to suit your company’s needs.
  2. Self-reflection on how to assess your strengths and utilize them to generate  a productive and fulfilling work and life.
  3. Connections built on the basis and understanding of different opinions regarding the direction tech is going in.

Ultimately, the goal of CompTIA Communities & Councils Forum is to create an environment which promotes industry collaboration, and 2019 is looking even stronger as we increase the number of networking opportunities, hands-on workshops, and opportunities to share industry trends and insights that benefit both individuals and companies.

Like last year’s event, CCF 2019 will provide attendees with valuable information to develop their careers on a variety of levels, including technical information, self-understanding, and collaborative teamwork. Members will gain insights alongside their peers and return to their organizations ready and able to develop these concepts.

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