Innovator of the Year: From Tinkering With Gadgets to Global Tech Lawyer

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Finding a career you’re passionate about can be a key contributor to success. For Paul Lanois—CompTIA AITP’s Innovator of the Year—technology has always been a passion.

“I’ve always loved gadgets,” said Lanois. “Especially at a young age, I was always playing on my computer or tinkering around with the parts.”

Lanois has carried a passion for technology and innovation throughout his career, and as a director at international law firm FieldFisher, he now advises clients on issues involving the most cutting-edge technologies on the planet.

“You have so many new technologies with artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, machine learning, blockchain and so forth, and they raise a number of legal questions,” said Lanois. “It’s fascinating to examine these technologies and help define solutions to those questions.”


Lanois previously served as a vice president with Credit Suisse, where he spearheaded a number of digital initiatives for the global bank. This includes launching a digital piggy bank that uses IoT technology to help educate children on the importance of saving at a young age.

Additionally, Lanois helped launch a tool that allows customers of the bank to open an online account in just 15 minutes. The process is fully digital and utilizes blockchain technology to enhance security protections and improve customer experience.  

Lanois is now based in Silicon Valley, but he’s worked across the globe at the intersection of technology and law. He’s advised clients on tech-related issues globally, and has lived and worked in various countries including France, England, Luxemburg, Switzerland and Hong Kong.

His business travels have given him a unique perspective on how the IT industry is impacting communities across the world. 

“Technology is viewed and utilized differently across the world and it’s something I find extremely fascinating,” said Lanois. He says the most rewarding part of his job is getting to “look at technology not just from the perspective of one industry, but how it’s impacting a range of different companies, industries and regions.”

Along with his on-the-job experience, Lanois has helped grow his IT skills by earning a CompTIA Security+ certification and joining CompTIA AITP.

He says becoming a member of CompTIA AITP “has been really helpful for connecting with other like-minded professionals and building knowledge in new areas of IT.” 

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