Team Awards Showcase IT’s Critical Business Role ​

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In today’s tech-driven world, IT departments are increasingly central to implementing business solutions that affect employees, customers and partners. Multiple stakeholders across departments (and sometimes even continents) make it critical for an organization to have a strong, dynamic IT team that can work cross-functionally on these high-impact projects.

CompTIA AITP Chicago Chapter’s Most Effective IT Team Awards recognize the IT teams that are making their businesses better. This year’s winners provided solutions that impacted employees and customers, showcasing how IT’s role continues to grow. Here’s a look at the winning teams.

1st Place: PSAV – Lighthouse Team

PSAV Team Awards

At PSAV, a leading provider in the event experiences industry, an internal survey revealed the need for increased information sharing with the company’s frontline employees. The project, dubbed Lighthouse, involved creating an app that enables team members to access pertinent customer information quickly and easily, creating more efficiency and allowing the team to provide better service.

According to the Wayne Vincent, vice president of innovation and digital solutions, “Our purpose as a company is to connect and inspire, and this project allowed us to do that by providing all of the information our team needs to join the customer on their journey.”

With geographically dispersed stakeholders—across North America and around the world—the Lighthouse Team illustrated how IT can facilitate business solutions. It was critical to the success of the project to have a mix of IT and other professionals who could communicate to a variety of stakeholders from both a technology and a business standpoint. “Business and IT worked together closely to resolve issues,” said Vincent.

As the team lead, Vincent saw the value in applying for the CompTIA AITP Chicago Most Effective IT Team Awards because it was an opportunity to showcase IT’s positive impact on the company. “IT drives so much of what we want to do as a company. It was important to have our team not only recognized by senior leadership, but also outside of our company among their peer group. Having a vehicle like CompTIA AITP helps reinforce the impact our team is making to our broader goals.”

2nd Place:  CIBC Bank USA – CIBC Cross-border Banking Team

CIBC Team AwardsFollowing CIBC’s expansion into the U.S. market, the bank wanted to provide Canadian clients who work, travel or reside in the U.S. with the ability to bank with CIBC on both sides of the border. A new digital product was created as an extension of the current banking platform to include new features, such as account opening, account linking, U.S. bill pay, real-time cross-border money movement and currency conversion, as well as access to U.S. mortgage lending services.

As the company’s first major international collaboration between the U.S. and Canada banking systems, the CIBC Cross-border Banking Team had a big challenge on their hands, but despite having a variety of stakeholders, the team was able to stay focused on the key goal of delivering a positive client experience.

According to David Bergman, managing director at CIBC US, “This cross-border solution creates financial simplicity for our clients. With clear direction and an understanding of why this project was extremely valuable, our team engaged to deliver innovative work for the benefit of our clients. We are excited to be recognized by CompTIA AITP for creating a new way to serve our clients better.”

“The recognition from CompTIA AITP Chicago provides positive reinforcement for the innovative work we did and the results we achieved,” said Dean Haacker, CTO at CIBC. “We want others to know that CIBC cares deeply about our clients and is a leader in the community.”

3rd Place: Delta Dental Plans Association – National Data Strategy Team

Delta Dental Team AwardsDelta Dental Plans Association (DDPA), based in Oak Brook, Illinois, is the not-for-profit national association of the 39 independent Delta Dental companies. Through these companies, Delta Dental is the nation’s largest provider of dental insurance, covering more than 78 million Americans, and offering the country’s largest dental network with approximately 156,000 participating dentists. Working to further the organization’s mission of expanding access to oral healthcare across America, the National Data Strategy Team built a platform that could support the centralization of claims and member data across all Delta Dental companies.

With a core team of 12, more than 50 stakeholders across the organization were involved in the initiative. The team’s goals were far reaching and included a multitude of strategic use cases supporting opportunities in network management, underwriting excellence and sales operations.   

“As an organization, we were working to cultivate collaboration and innovation across disciplines. We strive to integrate user experience across everything we do, and this project provided an opportunity to put that into practice,” said Scott Jessee, vice president of data and information technology for DDPA. 

Strong leadership empowered the team to make decisions, obtain the necessary resources, and maintain organization-wide support for the initiative—allowing the project to flourish. CompTIA AITP Chicago’s awards program served as an opportunity to recognize the team members for their successful efforts and to share with peers. 

“As a category leader and as an overall organization, we’re changing. With this highly collaborative project, we defined what success would look like. Not only was there hard work and high-value results, but also everyone came out of this project having evolved culturally. We wanted to find a way to recognize that and promote that behavior,” Jessee said. “We’re really proud of the progress we made, and this award allowed us to showcase the collaboration and innovation.”

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