CompTIA AITP Dallas Chapter

Members of this Dallas IT organization walk away enriched by usable content, engaged by speakers chosen for their relevant business and technology knowledge, and equipped for this challenging digital era.

Our Focus

The CompTIA AITP Dallas Chapter helps its members cultivate a competitive edge, keeping IT pros in Dallas abreast of technology changes in the dynamic business and technology landscape.

  • Members learn how to navigate turbulent waters at work, like how to stay in the flow when a thousand distractions come by and how to maintain productivity in the intersection of skills and challenges.
  • IT pros hear from technology experts on what it takes to adapt to the changing currents of business.
  • New perspectives appear all the time. This Dallas IT association offers floating membership to its allies in the business world, bringing new people and ideas to its Dallas IT events.

Regular Meetings

The CompTIA AITP Dallas Chapter holds regular meetings and learning events to send executives, IT pros and tech leaders away with knowledge and action plans.



Mike Rochelle

Dallas Chapter
Dallas, TX

CompTIA AITP Dallas Chapter


Chapter Meetings

CompTIA AITP Dallas Chapter members meet once a month for group discussions.


Upcoming Events

There are no chapter events scheduled at this time.

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