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What is the CompTIA AITP association?

On Jan. 9, 2017, CompTIA announced its plans to launch an IT pro association to help foster a skilled workforce. CompTIA’s new professional member organization launched in the summer of 2017 and offers an impressive suite of member benefits for IT professionals of all types, as well as students pursuing IT careers. These benefits were explicitly designed to help facilitate the success of IT pros throughout their careers – a resume-to-retirement, employment-support strategy. AITP, an IT pro association that has served the industry for more than 65 years, has joined forces with CompTIA to become one organization offering the very best of service to the industry.

What benefits will CompTIA AITP offer to IT professionals?

CompTIA AITP currently offers the following suite of benefits:

  • Career Portal TechTalent powered by CompTIA: includes an online resume builder for resume design and upload; a national, comprehensive list of IT job postings; insight on IT workforce trends and salaries; and a career path roadmap.
  • Career Resources and IT Research: Access articles, webinars, research and industry insight designed to boost the IT pro career and explore emerging IT trends.
  • Business Skills Training: Learn from a custom library of on-demand training videos, selected especially for the IT professional.
  • Exclusive Member Discounts: Save on CompTIA and CompTIA AITP event and chapter meeting registrations, CompTIA certifications and training products.
  • Events and Webinars: Learn from and connect with IT leaders, IT pros, employers and students in person and virtually at CompTIA and CompTIA AITP chapter meetings, live events and webinars.

What is the cost of membership?

The cost for a one-year national membership for IT pros is $99. Student membership is free (with a .edu email address) and faculty advisors will be $69.

Will the CompTIA AITP national association dues include local chapter fees?

Chapter dues are an additional, nominal fee. 

I am an existing AITP member. Is my membership still in effect?

Yes, your membership is secure and better than ever. You can now access additional CompTIA AITP resources and benefits at no cost.

I am an existing AITP member, and my membership is up for renewal. How can I renew?

Your account information has been transferred to CompTIA AITP and can be renewed online in your personal account. If you need assistance, please email

I am a current student member looking to get my CompTIA A+ certification. Are there any resources available to help me prepare?

Students receive 50 percent off CompTIA certification exam vouchers and training products from the CompTIA Academic Marketplace. This discount does not apply to bundles. To receive the student discount, please provide a valid .edu email address.

Is there a discount for existing CompTIA Premier Members?

CompTIA Premier Membership is a corporate membership for IT vendors, distributors and solution providers (managed service providers, integrators, resellers, IT service businesses, etc.). CompTIA AITP membership is an individual membership for IT professionals or students pursuing a career in IT. They are separate membership groups with distinct benefits, and one membership does not include the other.

Is CompTIA certification required for membership?

No, membership will be open to all individuals, without any particular certification requirement. CompTIA AITP members interested in getting CompTIA certified can receive 15 percent off their purchase of CompTIA exam vouchers and training products.

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