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2014 Spring Region 5 Meeting
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Spring 2014 Region 5 Meetings

Board Meeting Agenda

Tuesday April 22, 2014
8:30 a.m.
Holiday Inn Rolling Meadows, Illinois


Click here for pictures from the meetings. 

Approved Board Meeting Minutes (PDF - Microsoft Word)

  1. Call to Order (Larry Schmitz)

  2. Appoint Parliamentarian (Larry Schmitz)

  3. Roll Call/Credentials (Dick Boenisch)
  4. Introductions (Larry Schmitz)

  5. Welcome to Chicago / Announcements (Larry Winkelman)
    • Update on recent AITP Chicago Strategic Plan and Initiatives

  6. Consent Agenda (Larry Schmitz)
    • Approve October 11, 2013 Board Meeting Minutes (PDF - Microsoft Word)
    • Acknowledge receipt of Region Officer Meeting minutes from December 20, 2013 (PDF - Microsoft Word)
    • Approve AITP Region 5 Budget (PDF - Microsoft Word)
    • Approve Region Operating Procedures – revised Dec. 16, 2013 (PDF - Microsoft Word)
    • April 09, 2014 Region Presidents Council Meeting Minutes - Information Only - (PDF

  7. Treasurer's Reports (Bill Riter)
    • Auditor's report/status - (JPG)
    • Current 2014 YTD Financial Report (PDF - Microsoft Word)
    • Status of Region Funding
    • Status of Microsoft Technical Community / Funding

  8. Region Nominating Committee / Officer Elections (Larry Schmitz)
    • Need volunteers to serve.

  9. District/Association Candidate Recruitment Committee (Nita Adams)
    • Committee Members are Nita Adams, Dick Boenisch and Tony LaCrosse

  10. Region Webmaster Report (Mark Gilfand)
  11. NCC Region 5Grant Selection Committee (Dick Boenisch)
    • Committee members are Kim Winter, Bryan Runyon, Dick Boesnish-Chair
    • Region 5 NCC Grants for 2013 (IE article)

  12. Fall 2013 Region Conference Report (Mark Gilfand)
  1. Fall 2014 Mini Conference Report (Larry Schmitz/Jay Esty) - (PDF - Microsoft Word)

  2. Bids for hosting the 2015 Spring Conference (Larry Schmitz) 
  3. Region Directory Status Report (Dick Boenisch)

  4. Region Awards Committee Committees (Larry Schmitz)
  5. Chapter COPA / PCI (Larry Schmitz)
    • COPA due 3/31/2014
    • PCI due 4/30/2014
    • IPAs due anytime, but give the committee 8 weeks.
    • IE Article

  6. Chapters must file tax returns by May 15 (Larry Schmitz)
    • to be published

  7. Status of requiring all chapters to use ACH (Mike Welch)

  8. Status of At-Risk Professional Chapters (Larry Schmitz)
  9. Status of At-Risk Student Chapters (All)
    • See Feb. 2014 Membership DashBoard in agenda item #20 above. 
    • Counts by Chapter 2011-2014 (PDF - Microsoft Excel)
    • As agreed at previous meetings, vote to disband those who have not shown progress in the past year

  10. Update on Association Activities (Mike Welch)

  11. Status of ICCP Certification (Mike Welch)

  12. Other Business (Larry Schmitz)

  13. Adjourn

Chapter Reports (if submitted)
Click here for the Chapter Status Report Form

Chapter Leaders Workshop

Tuesday April 22, 2014
10:30 a.m.

Working Together—Professional Chapters and Student Chapters


Approved Leadership Workshop Meeting Minutes (PDF - Microsoft Word)

  1. Why does AITP have student chapters and student members?
    • AITP’s commitment to the profession-"Giving Forward”.
    • Opportunity to add to IT students education "outside the classroom” at professional chapter meetings.
    • Supporting the next generation of IT leaders through scholarships, National Collegiate Conference, opportunities to experience the "real world” professional environment and possibly make connections with future employers.

  2. Why should IT students join AITP Student Chapters?
    • For all the reasons mentioned above.
    • Resume enhancer.
    • Opportunity to get to know their fellow IT majors.
    • Access to outside speakers at Student Chapter meetings.
    • Building their social and professional "network” for now and "down the road”.

  3. Why should professional chapters support their student chapters?
    • For all the reasons mentioned in point #1.
    • Student members are future professional members—and leaders.
    • Student members are potential future employees.

  4. What makes this arrangement work?
    • Professional chapters supporting their student chapters.
    • Students taking advantage of the opportunities the relationship with their professional chapter offers.
    • Recognition by the professional chapter that the Faculty Advisor is the key.

  5. How can professional chapters do a better job of supporting the Faculty Advisors?
    • Dues assistance when institution won’t pay.
    • Guest passes.
    • Speakers for student chapter meetings.
    • "Inclusion” - making the Faculty Advisor feel comfortable and included at professional chapter meetings.
    • "Ask” the Faculty Advisor what you can do to help them with the student chapter.
    • Recognition - at the professional chapter meeting and a letter to their Dean thanking them for their support of AITP and noting the Faculty Advisor’s contribution to the success of their students and the advancement of the profession.
    • Other ideas - Open Forum!!

  6. How can Faculty Advisors help AITP?
    • Being a "cheerleader” on campus for AITP.
    • Recruiting the best and brightest IT students as AITP student members and chapter leaders.
    • "Educating” students on the "real world” (why it is important to their future careers to belong to AITP at the professional level to bootstrap their potential once they graduate).
    • Encouraging student members to participate, if possible, in professional chapter activities/meetings/seminars, etc.
    • Getting involved themselves in the professional chapter if possible.

  7. Student Chapter At Large Presentation by William Waas - (PDF - Microsoft PowerPoint)

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