We Promote Technology Leadership and Innovation

CompTIA AITP is home to a large, diverse, skilled IT talent pool to elevate the IT industry. These programs help IT students, IT educators, IT professionals and IT leaders connect with the industry and get the most out of their careers.

CompTIA AITP Student Program

CompTIA AITP invests in the future of the technology workforce as well as leadership development by giving students the tools they need to succeed in IT and become technology leaders. The CompTIA AITP Student Program connects students to mentors and provides career advice and resources to build a strong foundation as an IT professional.


Under the umbrella of CompTIA AITP, EDSIG gives professors, academics and education-focused IT professionals a platform to publish IT research, scholarly journals and whitepapers. As a special interest group for IT educators focused on advancing technology education, EDSIG also houses a library of up-to-date educational resources and detailed technology lesson plans. Find out more about IT fellowships and academic opportunities on the EDSIG website.

Join EDSIG in November for its annual member conference.


CompTIA AITP recognizes standout tech professionals, IT students and chapter members who give back to their IT communities and mentor the next generation of IT leaders. CompTIA AITP invests heavily in IT pros and prides itself in the great work its members do.

CompTIA AITP honors IT professionals, IT students and individual chapters with awards such as: 

  • Distinguished Service Award 
  • Outstanding Chapter Award
  • Outstanding IT Pro Member Award
  • Outstanding Student Chapter Award
  • Outstanding Student Member
  • Outstanding Faculty Advisor