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WEBINAR: The Impact of Machine Learning on the Human Race

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Machine learning - Is it too late to turn back? Do we want to?

Technology time seems to tick faster and faster with each passing second. The digital invasion is upon us, but we seem to like what it can do. We use machine learning in algorithms to tackle everything from data security to financial transactions to app developmentonline search and even the directions you get from your smartphone.

There is no denying that AI, digital assistants, predictive machine vision and real time machine learning, alike, are taking the stage. Join us on September 24 at 2 p.m. CDT as Juan Fernandez, Vice President of Managed IT Services at ImageNet Consulting, discusses the key elements of machine learning and looks at how it is impacting humanity for better…or worse.

In this concise webinar, you will:

  • Get the skills needed to harness the power of machine learning and AI
  • Learn how the digital transformation has changed humanity
  • Find out what the world will look like as we start to meld the old with the new
  • Understand the current and future impact of AI and machine learning on tech support (e.g., the help desk / service desk)